northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 2 July 2015

How do Indians behave

Indians are Indians. Human nature is generally alike in all countries and communities. There are certain qualities which are peculiar to  some countries, sects, or regions. I am dwelling  upon the peculiar actions/practices of  Indians.

1. Have you seen the matrimonial section of any Indian Newspaper. Every boy wants to marry a fair girl.

2.We Indians talk to our guests more at the door, where we come to see them off, than we talk to them in our living room,

3.Dropping /Picking up a relative at the airport/station is a compulsive activity.

4. We love to eat street food.

5. We are supposed to touch the feet of an elderly relative. We just bend instead of actually touching the feet is sufficient.

6.We  have a cleaning spree of  the house when guests are coming over.

7. Every Indian lady has a real brother, a cousin brother and a rakhi brother.

8.  Besides her household job, every woman is a match making expert.

9.A girl , when she is leaving  her home after marriage must cry.

10. In our functions we play a loudspeaker at its highest pitch without caring for the inconvenience of neighbours.

11. No matter how old you are, you are supposed to tell your parents the details of your ternary in detail.

12.Meeting a stranger with the same surname , is like meeting a long lost brother.

13.Whatever we buy, where ever we are experts in the art of bargaining,

14.What ever be our  quaifications, if we really get angry we use the dirtiest abusive words.

 All these points, how so ever true are written in a humorous  vein, with NO OFFENCE MEANT TO ANYONE.



  1. It was fun to read. Few points a bit new and not written before by many :)


  2. Does 'fair' (in #1), mean light-skinned and/or blue-eyed? ;) I can relate to #'s 4, 6, and 14 (at times)! ;)