northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 18 July 2015


This is a story of a very sensible girl , who lived in a small village  miles away from civilisation. She lived all alone. Her parents died when she was small. The whole village admired  her. She had studied up to class xii . She had a laptop.  When
ever a neighbour fell ill, she checked the lap top and prescribed medicine. The villagers used to call her 'doctor' Didi. She bought some popular medicines, which were given in emergency  to the villagers, free of cost.  The villagers  treated  her like a living God.  Her fame spread to other villages. She hardly got time to rest.
                                Her whole life was dedicated to the poor . She did not care about her own health.  Once typhoid spread in the village. She too fell a victim to the disease. The villagers arranged a transport and took her to the city. They got her admitted in a hospital. The Medical Superintendent of the Hospital came to know about her spirit of dedication  toward the poor villagers.On his recommendation, she got the prestigious Padma Shri Award from the hands of the President of India, on the next Republic Day.

 Written for Vinay's @A prompt each day.Weekend wordle # 7


  1. Wow! a beautiful soul

    Much love...

  2. Such a nice person. Wish we had more such people in this world.

  3. This is beautiful. Is Doctor Didi a real person?

    1. Thank you Pat. Doctor Didi is a real lady. she is an inspiration for many.