northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Krishna and Sudama


 Today my prompt is based  on  the famous story of Krishna and his childhood  friend,Sudama .

    Krishna and Sudama studied together in the ashram of  guru Sandipani. While Krishna was a prince from a royal family, Sudama was from a very poor family.  The bond of their friendship was true and real.  They separated when their studies were  over. Krishna became the King of Dwarka and  Sudama lived a life of utter  penury with his wife and children. Due to lack of food, his children were always sick. One day his wife told him,''You always talk about your friendship with Krishna. Why don't  you go to Dwarka  and seek his help?'' Sudama was reluctant but his wife's constant nagging  forced him to go.His wife packed some beaten rice in a paper. He  walked towards Dwarka through a forest. He had no shoes. The passage was full of several stones which pricked him. With blood flowing from his feet, it was impossible to walk. A bullock cart driver gave him a lift.  He reached Dwarka in an hour. The driver dropped him on the outskirts of the city. Sudama was dazed at the beauty of the city.He reached the palace  of Lord Krishna, and asked the guards  to take him to his friend. The guards made fun of him. No one paid any heed to his talk. The news reached  Krishna and  he rushed out to receive his friend. Sudama felt shy in his  dirty and crushed clothes. A
fountain  attracted him. He felt he was in a trance.   Krishna took  him inside the palace, and made him sit on a majestic seat. A group of girls  washed his feet with  sandalwood water. Sudama felt shy to give the beaten rice to Krishna, but he saw that his friend was hiding something. He snatched the paper and ate the rice. All the royal queens looked wonder struck. 
                      Sudama stayed for three days and left for home. Krishna arranged for the conveyance to leave  him back. He was dejected that Krishna did not give him anything. How will he face his wife. As he reached nearer home, he saw a big palace in place of his hut. He wondered where his wife and the kids would  have gone. He was lost in thoughts, when his wife and children  appeared. Dressed in all finery,he saw them and and wondered  whether it was a dream or reality.
  He understood that  Lord Krishna had showered all bounties without asking. He bowed his head in obeisance.

Written in response to Vinay's midweek wordle #7 @A prompt each day.


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