northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 26 July 2015

I wish


                                 I wish  to become  a small child
                                 I wish to sleep in my mom's lap
                                 I wish to hear her sing a lullaby
                                 I wish to have a  peaceful sleep.

                                 Bereft of  all worldly  thoughts.

                                 A calm and cosy mom's embrace
                                 Her soft lips on my tender cheek.
                                 Her eyes admiring my tiny eyes.

                                 I wish to remove pain and misery

                                 I wish  happy, healthy humanity.
                                 Serene, satisfied and  contented
                                Young and old live life of peace.

                                  I wish my kids prosper in life,
                                  I wish good will, love respect.
                                 Healthy long life they may live
                                 No obstacles come in their life.

                               Love of my love, soul of my soul,
                               my wish, you always stay strong,
                              no disease  may  ever comr near,
                              stay healthy happy perky and gay.  

Written for @ A prompt each day. Sunday Challenge# 8