northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Laugh a while!

Today I have selected  the best comedy scenes from some old Hindi movies.These  movies were box office hits, when they were released. All the four movies  were released in the decade 1970 to early 80s.
The first  comic scene is from the movie, Angoor, released in 1982. It was a comedy based on Shakespeare's famous play 'The Comedy of Errors''. It is a story of two sets of twins,which creates several comic situations A sample is given below. Have a hearty laugh.Sanjiv Kumar and Deven Varma, both have done justice to the role that  they play.


                          The next  comedy  is  Seeta  aur Geeta. Hema Malini plays the double role of Seeta and Geeta, which leads to great comedy. Hema Malini's acting is one of the best  as a comic actress.                            

(3)  The third  scene is from Sholay, which created history in Hindi film world.It was a big hit, which broke many records for continuously running for  more than five years in a theatre. The dialogues of the movie were very sharp and crisp. The movie was one in all. It had tragedy, comedy, emotions, and masala, which appealed to young and old. There were all the top most stars of those days. Amitabh Bachhan, Dharmendra, Sanjiv Kumar, Hema Malini, Jaya Bachhan were the leading stars. The scene depicted here is very entertaining.


(4) The last one that I have selected is a very humorous movie Golmaal. It was a pure comedy from the word, start.Amol Palekar was the hero of the movie.The scene, which I have selected shows Utpal Dutt and Om Prakash in a very interesting comic situation. Enjoy.


 I hope you would have had an enjoyable time watching these   clips.

 Videos courtesy You Tube


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