northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 13 July 2015



 I write because I love to write. It is in my blood; I write from my heart.I write every day.You must have guessed  that I am  referring to writing a blog. Yes, I am referring to blog writing.While  I  was in school, our English teacher used to insist on our maintaining a diary.  To top it all,  she read  the diary  of  each  student.The result was that it became a daily  habit.  If I did not write, I felt something amiss. The habit of writing was ingrained deep within.  I write anything that comes to my mind. Written below is a poem which I wrote to welcome rain.
 This poem  was just written impromtu.

                                                            Welcome rain
                                                        Came with fanfare
                                                Dust storm  rumble thunder
                                             Washed  mother earth’s dry soil
                                        Quenched her thirst, gave  her succour
                                 Plants, trees, shrubs delight with  washed leaves
                           Animals rushing  out from  abodes   reflecting utter joy
                    Flowers in my garden elegant, fulfilled, bright, colourful happy.
                         Children  in groups jump  merrily   completely  drenched
                                  moms dads  uncles, aunties entering the fray
                                           Season’s first rain,  why not  enjoy
                                               Kids clap on drenched parents.
                                                    Rain brought smiling face
                                                      Rain  come again
                                                            Bring  joy.

Written  for Vinay's  Wordplay #7 @ a prompteach day


  1. I agree, Usha Ma'am. If I don't write, I feel something amiss too. And what a beautiful poem to welcome the rain :) You have made me nostalgic now!

    1. Aathira, it is true that those who write regularly feel lost if they don't write. Nice to meet you after a long gap. Hope you were well.

  2. Beautiful. Yes, writing because we want to makes the writing much sweeter. Liked this one, Usha ji.

    1. Thank you Vinay for the inspiring comments. Glad that you liked this.

  3. Beautiful shape poetry about rain! I could just visualize the scene :)

    1. Thanks a lot ,my games buddy. I am glad you liked my post.