northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 3 July 2015

A bench prompt 33 photo # 3


   The  park and the bench are lonely today. There was a time when this very  bench was always crowded.  People thronged  the park in large numbers  throughout the day. There was not a single minute  when there was nobody around. The memories of those good old days were very painful. Even before sunrise  people were seen  jogging. When they got tired they relaxed on the bench.  Now was the time for oldies. They came in groups. Some of them sat on the bench and others, who could not  accomodate  sat on green grass . They would talk of their past glory  when they were young. They discussed politics. Some spoke about their  health.It was time for old men to leave. After finishing   their chores,  women  used to occupy the bench and indulge in gossip. This bench was a silent spectator . The whole day it was witness to a large number of secrets which were divulged there. Even at night some vagabond would occupy the bench.How much was  hidden within  the dark corners of its heart.   The whole day this sole bench was the only witness  of  the joys, sorrows, pain,and  secrets of innumerable  human beings.
                                                  Suddenly one fine day no one was to be seen. The lonely bench wondered what happened to the  hundreds of men, women and children.!!  It  overheard  some people talking that the new park was very beautifully made with all modern  amenities. It understood that its days were now  numbered and soon it will become a part  of History.

Written for Leo's a prompt each day. Today the prompt number is 33- photo # 3


  1. It's so beautifully written Usha Ma'am, the bench witnessing stories, silence and vagrant behavior.

    1. Thank you Vishal for your very inspiring comments.

  2. Ow ma'am, beautifully written with a profound truth.