northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Vesatile Award


A word of praise is always welcome !  It  becomes all the more 

important and lovable if granted by a  colleague, it becomes

 precious. Shilpa Gupte has nominated me for the Versatile 

Blogger Award, which has a place of prestige in the Bloggers' World. With a feeling of gratitude I thank you Shilpa for nominating my name  for the award .

What is a Versatile Blolgger's Award.? The Award is given in 

recognition for great commitment. diverse talents and 

generosity shown by bloggers.It is a great motivation and 

celebration of their work in the blogosphere.
  The Rules:

   1. Display the award on your blog.

   2. Thank the person who has  nominated you.

   3 Share seven facts about yourself.

   4. Nominate up to 15 bloggers.

   5. Link your nominees' blogs and let them know.

   Now, rule number 3 -

   7 facts about myself:

  i. I started blogging after my retirement. I had 

never heard of blogging.

ii.I am a family person, very much attached to my

 family.My grand children are very close to me.

iii. I love to read books, specially classics.

iv Old Hindi songs attract me/

v.I am very fond of cooking. I  prepare chocolates.  sandwiches

cookies and cakes  for the  family.

vi. My laptop and my smart phone are very dear to me.

vii. Besides writing blogs, I am addicted to computer games.

Now the last step. I have to nominate  bloggers, who are 

suitable for the award  .  

1. Kathy Combs

2. Suzy Que

3.Elly Stornebrink

4. Tulika Singh


6.Little Princess, Titli

7. Rajlakshmi

8.Dee Dee

I  request  all  the  friends to accept the award. Congrats!!!




  1. I always love how fondly you write about your family. Congrats on the award :D

  2. Usha, Thanks again Love you

    Check this out

  3. Thank you Usha! My apologies for the belated thanks and I will work on this, I promise! Hopefully next week as I catch up. :) <3