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Sunday, 19 July 2015

bringing up children

                                                      Raising a child is the hardest job in the world, but you make every single second worth it!

Being a parent and looking after your children is not an easy job. One thing, all children are  not alike. Every child is unique. There can not be one particular method or approach, which can applied in  the case of every child. Moreover  caring for a child changes as the child grows. Let us confine ourselves to children around four to ten years of age, A child enters the four walls of a school around this time. This is a very crucial period. It is at this stage the child comes out of his protective shell, and has to face the outside world on his own. The habits formed at this stage tend to last till he enters into teens. Parents must pay special attention towards the following  habits, which the child is likely  to acquire at this stage.
The most important lesson for the parents is that they must not beat the child. They must speak to the child affectionately.
The parents must be very cautious when they talk to each other. 
Many people talk to the servants in a demeaning manner. The children are very sharp. They too talk to workers like dictators 
The  child requires  to be toilet trained.The child must know that he has to tell the teacher when he wants to go to the toilet.
The child must mix with other children. He should not  be alone all the time, otherwise he may shun company.
The parents must not fulfil every demand of the child.If they  feel that the demand is not justified, they must talk to the child  and explain to him the reason for not buying it. I  have seen children throwing tantrums, to an extent of lying down on the floor in a shop and howling for their demand.
 The parents must not offer gifts to a child for  achieving or completing some task. This is like bribing the child. The parents can give them any number of toys or gifts, but it must not be conditional.
Encourage the child to eat good food. He/she  must learn to eat independently and not waste food.
It is very essential that the child must learn to share. Especially when other children visit the house.
The children must learn good manners and to say''thank you'', ''sorry'''' welcome'' where ever required.
Every parent wants his/her children to grow well mannered. I have only mentioned some basic  rules. What  methods do you follow to bring up your children.

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