northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Beware of strangers

                                                      MidweekWordle8                                           This is a true incident which  happened  yesterday. I have a  friend,Sheela.We are good friends. She is too simple and innocent .   Yesterday  she   came to our house . Both of us had a gala time. We listened to a flute.  She wanted to leave at four but I told her to wait as the driver was  about to reach and he  would drop her home. She agreed. Soon there was a call from the driver that he  would reach home late.  There was no point to delay Sheela.  She took an auto. Next to driver another fellow was seated.  Sheela was not comfortable. Suddenly she noticed that the auto driver was on a wrong direction. She told the driver he was on a wrong route. The driver stopped and gave her a wicked smile. The person sitting next to him came and sat on the back seat with Sheela. The driver raced the auto. The man sitting near Sheela pulled her near him. She protested, he gave her a slap. She started shrieking, ''help,help.'' As luck would have it,  the driver of a police vehicle coming from the opposite direction saw the poor girl. The police constable rescued her.  

Written for  Vinay's @a prompt each day. Midweek Wordle #8              


  1. This is scary. Thank God someone came to her rescue. Safety is a big concern these days.