northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Only Indians speak this language

We Indians have a peculiar vocabulary which we normally use. We have heard and spoken these words so often that they have become every day usages. Here are some unique words spoken only  by Indians
1. Every day a child demands money from the parents. The father's reply is  (money does not grow on trees )पैसे  पेड़  पर नही उगते  

2. A child wants to go to a late party and wants permission. Mother says 'ask father' and father says 'ask mother'. माँ से  पूछो and mother says पापा  से पूछो 
3.When some  guest comes, the mother must say,''Show your dance or sing that new song''अपना  डांस दिखाओ or नया गाना सुनाओ 
4.When guests come you tell the child to touch their feet. बेटा  अंकल  के पाँव छुओ 
5.इसके पर निकल आएं हैं 
6.''Mom I have 90 marks'' in Maths.'' Mother's first question,
   ''मोहन के कितने आये हैं ''?
7.If the child is a mischief monger the parents say''इसको          बोर्डिंग स्कूल  में भेज दें  तोह ठीक हो जाएगा ''
8 .चलो बैठ कर पढ़ो  बिल्ली को हटाओ 
9 . गुस जा टी वी  के अंदर 
10. कहाँ  हैं लाट साहब  

You must have also come across people who speak like this to their children. What is your experience?         
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A doctor comes home

He is famous, but has no airs, he is intelligent, but has no pride,  he is a famous doctor but does not shy away poor patients. In a book titled 'best Doctors of Delhi',he has been listed. He is the first one to introduce the concept of 'treatment of sleep related diseases. The Limca book of records mentions that he established a first sleep lab in India.He has won several laurels. I am proud to state that he is my son in law! He is popularly called 'Happy' among friends and relatives.

                               He was a brilliant student. He had a strong will power to become  a Doctor. When in his ninth class the school authorities did not give him Biology, he confidently walked to the Principal's office to request him for Biology.Even the school is today proud to state that such a famous doctor was their alumni. As a student,  trekking was was his  hobby.
                             He loves music,and is especially fond of  old Hindi songs. has a taste for good things, be it his personal needs or requirements for the family.He is very much attached to the family. As a human being and as a doctor he is a shining jewel. He is  a man of few words.  He speaks very softly.
              He  has travelled far and wide within the country as well abroad.Many hospitals invite him for consultations. He is on many committees constituted by Govt . of India on health issues.
 My daughter is fortunate to have him as her husband.They are a loving couple equally devoted to their children. My blessings are with them.

Written for  Sarah day 30 #DBBC


Friday, 30 October 2015

An ideal son


He is an  ideal for many, a torch bearer for  many more, an  exemplary husband, loving and caring father, and an affectionate  son. Yes, he is our only son. He was named Deepak because he was born on Diwali night, but he is a real Deepak, a shining light in  our life. The year he was born, the date  coincided with my date of birth. We, maa and beta (mother and son) celebrate our birthday on the same day.
                      Right from  childhood, he had a liking for an aristocratic style. If the servant boy addressed him ''Deepak Babu'', he protested and said,'' I am not a babu, I am a Saheb.'' In a school function, he had to recite a nursery rhyme. The last line of the poem was ''What a good boy am I''.He  went on repeating the same line,as if to emphasise his goodness .There was a great applause. The whole audience seemed mesmerised!
                                  He had his schooling in St. Columbus and B.Com from SRCC. He passed CA in  the first attempt.After this there was no looking  back. He is a senior partner in a firm of Chartered Accountants..
                            A bolt from the blue, Toastmasters, came to his life,and completely changed the course of his life. There was no looking back there after. He rose on the ladder of success like a whirlwind. Today he is a celebrity. well known personality across the world. If he contests for the next post, he will be among the first four in the world.
               In spite of his hectic schedule he is close to the family. We wish him more success, name and fame.Our blessings are always with him! 

Written for Sarah, Day 29 #30DBBC

Thursday, 29 October 2015



                                 Still in her dreams, she is happy,
                         does not know whether he came.
                         i  know he came,kissed my cheeks
                        while I  dreamt of his tender touch. 

                        He caressed my hair left and right
                        my throbbing  heart is not wrong.
                        My hands are locked in his hands
                        we are two bodies but one heart!

                       Let her dream in her sweet dream
                       a notion that he was there with her.
                      Let her live in her tender  thoughts
                     poor girl,her love gone away forever!!
Written for Magpie Tales Picture Prompt




Friday fictioneers

                                                                                                                                          PHOTO PROMPT - © Dale Rogerson  ''
In some parts of Africa huge snakes are found in large numbers. They are like mini giants, who can gulp a full grown adult in a jiffy.This is a story of two bold men who were crossing  a patch infested with multitudes of serpents. Both of them  proclaimed that they were not afraid  of serpents. As they stepped ahead,  they  noticed two huge ones .Both were hanging from an eucalyptus tree as if prepared to attack an enemy. The two men, tip toed, took out their revolvers and without a second thought shot them. They are still hanging there!!        (98 words)

photo Dale Rogerson
Written for Friday Fictioneers photo prompt

3Word wednesday 451

Nondescript, adjective: lacking distinctive or interesting features or characteristics.

Placid, adjective: (of a person or animal) not easily upset or excited, (especially of a place or stretch of water) calm and peaceful, with little movement or activity.

Quirky, adjective: characterized by peculiar or unexpected tr 
Jane's dream was to become a very big novelist. Her 

  placid nature  made her a pet  of all her teachers  but 

her nondescript style of writing failed to impress others.

 Mrs. Peter, a teacher about forty year old, always 

remained aloof.She hardly spoke to any one in the 

college. Due to her quirky  nature no one liked her. One 

day Jane's father came to the college to pick her up.He

spoke to Mrs. Peter, which surprised Jane. Later on she

 asked her father how he knew Mrs,Peter. Her father told

her a very touching reality of Mrs.Peter's life. Jane wrote  
 a very touching and inspiring story of Mrs, Peter's life.

The story was a great success, for which Jane got an 


Written for 3word Wednesday  451

An all rounder !

She is intelligent, she is smart,she is good looking and much more. She is my eldest grand daughter. She was the first one to make me a grand ma and  spread her charm  all around. She was born on Ganesha's birthday.She is an epitome of all that is good and noble She has a sharp memory and is a perfect all rounder, When she was admitted in a play school, she refused to sit inside the class room on the pretext that it was not clean.  She did not also enter the wash room for the same reason. She was taken to the wash room exclusively for the staff.
As a child she was very playful. Cushions, on the sofa sets, in the living room attracted her. She loved to throw them on the floor. The maid would arrange them and the next moment they were all on  floor. Rajita darling could not tolerate  them, Every day my husband called her from office, and instantly all the poems that she knew were recited.
even now she looks naughty

 She had her regular schooling in Mater Dei, where she was very popular with the staff and the students.She has a very sharp memory.She participated  in cultural and sports activities regularly. She was equally good in studies.She had  her higher studies in St,  Stephan's and  IIT,  Delhi. She is a connoisseur of dance, Presently she is in Boston completing her Phd programme in Physics. She is the life of any gathering. We miss her a lot.We are looking forward to her visit during Christmas, May God give her all  happiness and prosperity!! All our blessings are with her!!!

Written for Sarah Day 28th #30DBBC

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

My precious girls.

I gave birth to one daughter,  but in my old age I have two! Both are dear to me.  Both care for me. The two of them  are very friendly. I get  so much attention that I am overwhelmed. Recently when I was not well the two of them sat beside me throughout  the  night. They  select my clothes and  decide what dress and which color I must wear. Both of them are so frank and friendly that if  want to have my own way, they exercise their pressure and I follow what ever they suggest.  Here are two of them together, who exercise control on me.Yes, the one on the left is my daughter in law, Kavita and the other one is Jyotsna, my daughter, 

I  am very proud that both girls are not only close to me but are very friendly with each other. It is generally seen in many families  that sisters in law are at daggers drawn, which causes conflicts in the family;but in their case their opinion is always valued. Both of them are well qualified and are very intelligent. Where as Kavita is a Principal of a Sr. Sec. School, Jyotsna  is an efficient Doctor. May their friendship always thrive and they get more success in life. My blessings are with both of them.

Written for Sarah Day27 #DBB

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Carpe Diem Haiku # 178 First Day at school

                                                            Dick happy
                                        First day at school
                                            many kids cry.

                                                             Mary's lamb
                                           at school  first day
                                                 kids laugh.

Written for Carpe Diem special #178 first day at school.


Yesterday, the 26th October was like any other day. Normally I don't sleep after lunch, but I was feeling very lethargic. I thought I would have a short nap, The moment I lied down I felt that the bed was moving. On the backside of our house is a railway line, Some times when a train passes , there is a slight tremor.Yesterday also I thought that it was a train! The tremors continued. I felt the whole room shaking.  Oh God! it was an earthquake. None of the family members was at home. Our two maids were at home.My first thought was 'hope they are all well.'  The fan was moving, and the building was swaying.   It was very scary. It slowed down for a few moments and started again. I prayed continuously. It appeared that  nature was also in a state of shock. All the birds and crows had apparently taken shelter  somewhere.The tremors stopped for a few seconds and again started.this happened a few more times and finally stopped. What a relief!!

My little sweet heart

Yesterday I wrote about my Doctor grandson. Today I am writing about my 'dancer' grand daughter.  Dancing was not her first  choice. When she was small her wish was to become a chartered accountant like her father. As she grew her interest too changed. She was enamoured of dancing. Her day started with a dance and ended with a dance.
                                     As a small baby, she was very cute  and was grand pa's pet. The play school,where she went was close to the house. She wanted to sit on her grand pa's shoulder,when going to the play school.  That was such a sweet gesture! She went in a taxi to her regular school. None of the girls allowed her to sit near the window. My husband told her to tell the girls that he eats small girls for breakfast.!  From that day she got the window seat whenever she wanted. She is very social. She has an army of friends  She is very sincere. She  has a heart of gold.

She started learning contemporary dance and joined classes a fter school after school hours. In college she was elected Vice Chairman  of the  Choreo Society. She passed her Mathematics(Hons.)with a high percentage,   Now she has joined a Dance Institute, a subject nearest to her heart. We feel that the child must be allowed to opt whatever course she wants. She is very happy and we are happy in her happiness. Bless you, Ramita!! May you always be happy!!!

Written for Sarah Day26 # 30DBBC

Monday, 26 October 2015

haiku under

                                                        naughty boy
                              hiding under the  table
                                    mom is tense.   


                                                  Under the Sky
                                     separated foe ten years 
                                          two  souls meet.

                                          Under the tree
                                     sleeping tired traveller.
                                         leaves to protect

Written for Haiku Horizons prompt  '

Aww, how fast they grow!

I vividly remember the day he was born!  It was  the early morning of peak winter  when people are still enjoying the warmth of their blankets and do not like to step out in that  biting cold. he chose to make his grand entry!!Yes he was my grand son, my daughter's son The date was 14th December.  That little baby  is  a Doctor today, a very efficient Doctor, for whom,his patients are a  priority. His expertise as an expert Doctor came to the fore recently,when I developed very high fever and  my daughter and son in law were away to UK. Dr. Tejas (I feel so proud in addressing him  as Doctor) diagnosed my problem. He is  a priceless gem and that too a valuable one.He is very , humble, simple and quiet, but his smile is infectious

 Even when he was a  baby, he showed signs of  his extraordinary brilliance. In school he always stood first in his class. He was very much interested in Debates and Quiz competitions. He was the President of the Quiz society.He won many prizes,
          In Medical Entrance test ,he broke all records. He obtained 1st position in  Delhi PMT. He also got high ranks in other exams, including AIIMS. MBBS was a cake walk for him.He appeared for MD entrance  with ist position. He got the MBBS Degree from Prime Minister ,Narendra Modi, He got a best Intern Award from the Health Minister. Tejas you are very dear to my heart! May you get    many more accolades,Our blessings are always with you. 
After the award

I am  proud that I have three more grand children, equally brilliant, about whom I will be writing shortly

 1.written for Sarah Day 25 #30DBBC
2 Written for B A R thread 25th to 31st OCT

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Olden days

                                                    Soldiers lost  
                                   in the thick dark forest
                                      single candle shows.

                                          War  announced
                                 candle lit my dark room
                                    complete blackout.

Carpe Diem #844

journey of life

Life is very complicated. Standing on the rooftop of my house I see numberless people literally running. Where are they going?Hardly any one talks or looks backward. On and on. they are moving like a stream of water in a river which just goes on.What are these people thinking! Are they happy or do they look strained out due to constraints of life?
                          Have you ever tried to assess what is the person sitting next to you is thinking.Many people, including myself generally think what happened,how it happened and how we could have done better.  I know very well that dwelling in the past makes life miserable.  The aim of every person,who is in his proper senses. is a happy and peaceful life for himself and his family. To move forward in life we must be sure of the correct route  and the exact destination. Without the goal, we are lost in the rigmarole of twists and turns. The one who is sure where and how he has  to proceed will come out a winner in life.
             To achieve something it is essential to bring   positivity in life. Mahatma Gandhi said,'' A  man is the  product of  his   thoughts.,what he thinks, he becomes.''  It is  natural to  sometime get frustrated  with  our  negative   thinking. We   can get rid  of these emotions  by consciously  discarding them. 
        We must  know the value of time. If we just sit  vaguely without indulging  in positive activity we are only  inviting  blockades in the  journey of  our life. To make life   meaningful  you must  develop taste  for some constructive activity like  reading. gardening, or some sort of social work, which will keep  you occupied and   lead you  to a  smooth   journey of  life.

Written   for Sarah Day 24 #30DBB

Saturday, 24 October 2015



Meenu a beautiful girl, married Harish after a whirlwind romance. Harish was a Captain in the Army. They were married for hardly six months,when he had to report to the front. Meenu went to his village in a bus, where she was  heartily    welcomed. After six months an Army message came  that Captain Harish was missing.  Meenu's world collapsed. She had a two month old baby boy. Time passed.The child was now six year old------------- One day a haggard looking  man got down from the bus. He could hardly speak; villagers recognised  him. Meenu's happiness knew no bounds.

Written for Friday Fictioneers photo prompt


                               Happiness comes to happy souls
                                    it shuns those who crib around.
                                    It comes to those who celebrate
                                   it loves to be with merry makers
                                   singing dancing and clapping
                                   joyfully in pure gay abundance.

                             Sitting  in my balcony early morn
                             I enjoy looking at happy expressions,   
                             I see the passersby, morning walkers
                            stick in hand dancing merrily in the air.
                            Young couple hand in hand,still sleepy
                            Happiness  reflecting in their eyes.

                          Oh my love,my life and  happiness 
                          Sitting on this window sill alone
                          I wait longingly for the sun to rise
                          from behind the eucalyptus trees
                           a glimpse of  soft red light  appears,
                          is this heaven or my dream come true!! 
word86Written  for a week for writing
prompt#86. the word is 'happiness'.

Written for Sarah day 23 #30DBBC





Friday, 23 October 2015

festival of dance

Backview of Bihu dancers - stock photo                                                           
        Image result for free pics of folk dancer                    Image result for free pics of folk dancer                                           


                                                            A dance festival
                                       dancers from all states
                                            give their  best.

Written for Carpe Diem#843 Dance Festival
pic courtesy google

live life bravely

Living life honorably is an art which has to be acquired with an effort.  Living without any purpose or aim in life is just 'existence' .  Our aim in life must be to achieve some thing. We must set certain priorities in life.If there is  no fixed goal in life, you are like a rudderless  ship which flows without any destination. If you are of a helpful nature you will get accolades from all quarters. Sometimes even our life becomes vulnerable in helping others, which is no doubt a big surprise, but you become immortal for all times to come.
                              I am reminded of a story, I heard from my mother. A rich man lived in his farm house every year for a few   days. During his last visit, his favourite  horse fell ill.  A veternary  doctor was called to treat  the horse. Even after medication there was no improvement.The vet. informed the owner, that since there was no improvement the horse would be put to 'sleep'. The goat heard this and got worried. She went to the horse and whispered in his ears ''get up friend otherwise you will be put to sleep for ever. The horse opened his eyes but was    too unwell,The goat repeated this many times. Finally the horse got up and started running. The rich man was very happy .He ordered  the servants to prepare mutton. The goat became a scapegoat and a martyr. In the ashes of the goat, the horse rose.

Written for Sarah day 22 # 30DBBC


Thursday, 22 October 2015


                                                                   Silent nature
                                          silent birds and trees
                                              why wind restless.                                                                               

                                            dark dingy silent
                                                 baby crying,

Written for Haiku Horizons week 87 prompt 'silent'