northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 5 October 2015

Shape of things to come Day 4

It is a known fact that mobile phones have arrived with a bang. Every one carries this magic instrument in his/her hand. Literate or illiterate this toy is a prized possession for all, the masses and the classes. Since almost every one is now an owner of the device, it is the 'brand' which is a status symbol.  It appears that  cell phones have taken the world by storm.
 There is no doubt that a cell phone is a very pragmatic and handy device. It is like a whole universe on the tips of  our fingers. In a jiffy,we can know what is happening in any other part ot the world. We can get in touch with friends and relatives, living in any part of the world. 
 Whatever benefits accrue by using the cell phone, there are  many detrimental and adverse  effects. I will not spell out any scientific facts but will dwell on the effect of human relations by the excessive of cell phones. People are so much charmed by 'whatsapp', 'games', 'texting' 'gossipping' etc. They are so much engrossed in them that they take their near and dear ones for granted. See a few pictures and have a hearty laugh  at the shape of things to come in the future.                             


Overworked Business Woman and her little daughter in the morning. Mother read mail and make phone calls before going to work. Daughter smearing peanut butter on bread. - stock photo


 No doubt  that  cell phones have proved to be indispensible in today's business circles. The speed with which its popularity is increasing, it may rule mankind like never before.You can visualise the shape of things to come. Just give a  thought to this quotation
Wiritten  for Day 4 #30DBBC                            
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