northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 29 October 2015

An all rounder !

She is intelligent, she is smart,she is good looking and much more. She is my eldest grand daughter. She was the first one to make me a grand ma and  spread her charm  all around. She was born on Ganesha's birthday.She is an epitome of all that is good and noble She has a sharp memory and is a perfect all rounder, When she was admitted in a play school, she refused to sit inside the class room on the pretext that it was not clean.  She did not also enter the wash room for the same reason. She was taken to the wash room exclusively for the staff.
As a child she was very playful. Cushions, on the sofa sets, in the living room attracted her. She loved to throw them on the floor. The maid would arrange them and the next moment they were all on  floor. Rajita darling could not tolerate  them, Every day my husband called her from office, and instantly all the poems that she knew were recited.
even now she looks naughty

 She had her regular schooling in Mater Dei, where she was very popular with the staff and the students.She has a very sharp memory.She participated  in cultural and sports activities regularly. She was equally good in studies.She had  her higher studies in St,  Stephan's and  IIT,  Delhi. She is a connoisseur of dance, Presently she is in Boston completing her Phd programme in Physics. She is the life of any gathering. We miss her a lot.We are looking forward to her visit during Christmas, May God give her all  happiness and prosperity!! All our blessings are with her!!!

Written for Sarah Day 28th #30DBBC

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  1. A beautiful post showcasing the love for your grand daughter, it's so full of love:)