northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Build confidence

Confidence, if built  by self confidence is a like a panacea for all our troubles. If we lose self confidence, and accept defeat we alone are responsible for our downfall. In our daily life  some or the other problems crop up. If we  lose our confidence, we will become a mental wreck. A quotation by Norman Vincent Peale,'' Believe in yourself !   Have faith in your abilities! Without  a humble but reasonable confidence in your powers you cannot be successful or happy'',  is very true.
                             There is a story about a rich business man Rajesh. Due to irony of fate he lost all his riches,his business and all that was in his bank.  Under great desperation he used go and sit in a park, away from money lenders and business associates, fair weather friends. One day, as he was sitting there, an old man came and sat beside him. He straight away asked him whether he had suffered losses in his business. Rajesh was shocked, and just nodded his head. The stranger took out a cheque from his pocket, gave to him and said,
''Take this cheque, pay all liabilities. After one year I will meet you here. You can return this debt.'' He disappeared.
Mr. Rajesh was stupefied. He saw the cheque and was flabbergasted to see the amount written it. Eighty crores!It was signed  by Dhiru Bhai  Ambani. 
Rajesh went home and kept the cheque in the locker. From next day he made several positive changes in is office. Slowly his business improved and he started making profits.He did not touch the 'cheque'. After one year he went to the same spot. He saw tho old man and returned his cheque.He was about to leave  when a nurse came running and caught the old man. She disclosed that he had run away from the mental asylum, where he told every one that he is Dhiru Bhai Ambani. Rajesh was stunned. He paid a silent salute to the old man that he had helped him to regain  his confidence. 

Written for Write Tribe  Your Heart Out On The Weekend - #WYHO # 3


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