northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 1 October 2015


The three words are            

Thoughtless  Uptight,   Woozy, 
 Last few days Minu noticed a change in  the attitude of Suresh. He had become very intolerant and very possessive. They had been dating  for  the last two years. Of late he had become very thoughtless. If he saw her talking to some male, he would get wild. She tried to explain to him that in a society you come in contact with various people, you can not survive alone. One evening she was late from office. He created a big scene. In a whoozy condition, he entered her office, pulled her out from her boss's cabin,using dirty language.She became  uptight. She took a decision in an instant. ''Get out of my life. It is all over  between us.''

Written in response to 3WWW  no. 447


  1. Minu made the right decision and anyone who stifles one's individuality should be given the red card. Very well written.