northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Lesson taught and learnt

Mohini and her colleague Leela were living together in a small flat.They worked in the same office.The flat was very old and required extensive repairs. The land lord did not   pay any heed to their persistent requests to repair their portion of the house.The girls decided to teach him a lesson. At midnight they got and tip toed to the roof.  They found a  rough  metal rod. Quietly the girls jabbed it into the water tank, came back and slept.In the morning, they  were  eager to see the reaction of the miserly landlord. Both of them did not go to office. They had labored to teach him a lesson, and wanted to see his reaction. At eight in the morning he  went to the toilet and started shouting choicest of abusive words. The two friends  quietly left the scene. They  were sure that he would now take action. When they came home,  he announced,''Children  your water problem will be solved tomorrow. I have made a make shift arrangement for the time being'.'
     All is well that ends well.

1.Written for Sarah Day21 #30DBBC
and3 word on Wednesday


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