northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Raising my voice

These days there are many evils which are causing great harm to the society. There are social, economical and political in nature. The social evils  affect the very fabric of the society. If the character of the people touches a very low, the nation will be doomed. Smoking, uncontrolled drinking, smuggling, cheating,encourage prostitution and rape are most heinous activities which must be eradicated .
 Out of  all these obnoxious activities, rape takes the cake. It violates the dignity in a most decidable manner. Words are not sufficient to condemn this dastardly act,as it affects the psyche and soul of  the individual. The fact that many rapes are committed persons known to the victim.The  perpaters should rein in their passion an divert this energy to other fruitful activities. Then only women can raise their heads and walk in dignity. 
                  The persons indulging in this activity momentarily looses his senses and behaves like an  animal/. People must be encouraged  to build their character and conscience in such a manner that it puts a break  in their illegal and unsocial activities. The moral fabric of the society  must be strengthened and rape  must be equated with moral leprosy. 
          It is shocking to know that Delhi,the national capital, is also called the rape capital. Last year a girl was raped in a regular route bus by six people. There was hue and cry.(I am not discussing the legal actions) In spite of  condemnation from the whole city, the situation has not changed. Who is the culprit? Let the people decide!!!

Written for Blog action day # raise your voice.

 Written for Sarah Day 16 #30DBBC



  1. What's happening is worrisome and makes me wonder why all Governments are sitting on their laurels and doing nothing in changing laws. We must divert our energy to more productive uses and awareness must be built among young men & women, putting emphasis on sex education.