northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 19 October 2015

Hatred is poison

Why do we hate?How does it  arise in  the heart of a person. Love and hatred are two powerful emotions  which are the  cause all other emotions. Whereas love is a positive feeling, hatred is  a very strong  negative feeling.  Once   if this devil  makes an appearance in the  mind of an individual, it is  very difficult  to shake it off. Its impact is on all the faculties of our system. If we try to analyse  the truth of  this emotion, we find that it is   destructive in nature, which affects the whole body. Some times we start hating a person on the basis of sheer susciption.

 Renu and Raghav were a very happy couple.  Raghav loved  his wife to the hilt. The only drawback in him was that he was too possessive. Hr could not tolerate Renu talking to anyone else.Whenever he saw her talking to another person, his blood boiled. Renu's  college friend, Sanjeev  came to live in a  vacant flat in the neighbourhood. Raghav's blood boiled when he saw them talking to each other. One day when he came home he found them talking merrily. He could not control him self. He shouted at Sanjeev and even hit him. He called his wife charcterless and told her to get out of the house.   A feeling of hatred overpowered him so much that he broke all relations with his loyal wife.When he came to his senses after some days, it was too late.

Written for Sarah  Day18 #30DBBC

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