northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Lovely dolls

                                                            The poet picked up a doll from a stall selling dolls for the Girls 

Festival or Doll Festival. The sweet little face and charming clothes, the life and humanity of this lifeless 

mannequin, the memories of childhood, the softening of the heart calloused by time, - these are 

fell when the poet realizes that he is smiling at the doll. One almost feels that men were made for dolls,

not dolls for men. wow so lovely .


                                                                   Lovely  dolls
                                                            man's amazing creation

                                                                    In the night
                                                            do they come alive at night
                                                                 what do they talk!!
Written for Carpe Diem #836 Doll's Festival