northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 25 October 2015

journey of life

Life is very complicated. Standing on the rooftop of my house I see numberless people literally running. Where are they going?Hardly any one talks or looks backward. On and on. they are moving like a stream of water in a river which just goes on.What are these people thinking! Are they happy or do they look strained out due to constraints of life?
                          Have you ever tried to assess what is the person sitting next to you is thinking.Many people, including myself generally think what happened,how it happened and how we could have done better.  I know very well that dwelling in the past makes life miserable.  The aim of every person,who is in his proper senses. is a happy and peaceful life for himself and his family. To move forward in life we must be sure of the correct route  and the exact destination. Without the goal, we are lost in the rigmarole of twists and turns. The one who is sure where and how he has  to proceed will come out a winner in life.
             To achieve something it is essential to bring   positivity in life. Mahatma Gandhi said,'' A  man is the  product of  his   thoughts.,what he thinks, he becomes.''  It is  natural to  sometime get frustrated  with  our  negative   thinking. We   can get rid  of these emotions  by consciously  discarding them. 
        We must  know the value of time. If we just sit  vaguely without indulging  in positive activity we are only  inviting  blockades in the  journey of  our life. To make life   meaningful  you must  develop taste  for some constructive activity like  reading. gardening, or some sort of social work, which will keep  you occupied and   lead you  to a  smooth   journey of  life.

Written   for Sarah Day 24 #30DBB

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