northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 30 October 2015

An ideal son


He is an  ideal for many, a torch bearer for  many more, an  exemplary husband, loving and caring father, and an affectionate  son. Yes, he is our only son. He was named Deepak because he was born on Diwali night, but he is a real Deepak, a shining light in  our life. The year he was born, the date  coincided with my date of birth. We, maa and beta (mother and son) celebrate our birthday on the same day.
                      Right from  childhood, he had a liking for an aristocratic style. If the servant boy addressed him ''Deepak Babu'', he protested and said,'' I am not a babu, I am a Saheb.'' In a school function, he had to recite a nursery rhyme. The last line of the poem was ''What a good boy am I''.He  went on repeating the same line,as if to emphasise his goodness .There was a great applause. The whole audience seemed mesmerised!
                                  He had his schooling in St. Columbus and B.Com from SRCC. He passed CA in  the first attempt.After this there was no looking  back. He is a senior partner in a firm of Chartered Accountants..
                            A bolt from the blue, Toastmasters, came to his life,and completely changed the course of his life. There was no looking back there after. He rose on the ladder of success like a whirlwind. Today he is a celebrity. well known personality across the world. If he contests for the next post, he will be among the first four in the world.
               In spite of his hectic schedule he is close to the family. We wish him more success, name and fame.Our blessings are always with him! 

Written for Sarah, Day 29 #30DBBC


  1. definitely one should work hard and attain success but Always make sure they give time to Family because end of the day family stand by always


  2. Beautiful and inspiring post, Usha Ma'am. The sky is the limit when we work hard, dedicated and persevere against all odds.

    1. Thank you Vishal for the inspiring comments.

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  5. He is a role model, charismatic speaker, knowledgable, inspiring and a positive person.