northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Asthmi puja

Today is the eighth  day of the  festival of  Navratri, which is called Ashtami.This  is a nine day festival. During these  nine days nine goddess's are worshipped. On  the first day  barley seeds  are planted.  On the eighth day  the sprouts are taken and the plant is kept in a holy place. People observe fast for seven days and pray for peace and prosperity. The last two  days are very important . On these two days small  girls who are called

kanjaks are fed. It is believed that nine girls represent the nine goddesses. 
First their feet are washed. A  red thread is  bound on their wrists. Tilak is applied on their forehead. Food is served to them and then they are allowed to leave. In our house  we feed  many girls. Generally we invite girls from the neighbourhood  households. The two pictures shown above depict  the  children  who assembled in our house today and the food for distribution.
                             These days  are also auspicious for toddlers to be initiated into formal education. This practice is known as वि द्याआ रम बमम। Books are also worshipped.

written for Sarah day 20#30DBBC


  1. I remember going to neighbour's houses for lakshmi pooja and used to receive gifts too :) Loved the pictures.