northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 24 October 2015


                               Happiness comes to happy souls
                                    it shuns those who crib around.
                                    It comes to those who celebrate
                                   it loves to be with merry makers
                                   singing dancing and clapping
                                   joyfully in pure gay abundance.

                             Sitting  in my balcony early morn
                             I enjoy looking at happy expressions,   
                             I see the passersby, morning walkers
                            stick in hand dancing merrily in the air.
                            Young couple hand in hand,still sleepy
                            Happiness  reflecting in their eyes.

                          Oh my love,my life and  happiness 
                          Sitting on this window sill alone
                          I wait longingly for the sun to rise
                          from behind the eucalyptus trees
                           a glimpse of  soft red light  appears,
                          is this heaven or my dream come true!! 
word86Written  for a week for writing
prompt#86. the word is 'happiness'.

Written for Sarah day 23 #30DBBC





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