northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Baby blues

Baby blues

Every young mother faces some typical problems, which seem 

harmless and cute in the beginning but become difficult to 

tackle at a later stage, when they take a gigantic proportion. 

Every young mother has experienced these problems. We have 

seen that all most all children start sucking their thumb or 

fingers, even before they are a month old. The baby looks so 

cute when she struggles and manages to put the thumb into her

 mouth. The parents literally enjoy this scene. It is perfectly 

normal for the babies to suck their thumb. In most cases the 

baby leaves this habit between six to eight months. If the baby

 continues this habit after the first birthday, we must make 

efforts to distract the baby’s attention. According to a research,

 children who continue to suck their thumb after a year or so 

feel insecure. This applies to working mothers more than to 

stay at home moms. I remember that my daughter used to suck 

her thumb. I was an inexperienced mother at that point of time 

I consulted my doctor. He advised me that I must not pay much

 attention to this problem till the child is 6 to 8 months old. At 

this age the baby’s attention can be diverted to colorful toys 

and in most cases the baby is likely to leave this habit.  If the 

habit continues, then the baby may be made to wear beautiful 

mittens. The baby will be excited to possess such a colorful 

mitten. It is most likely that the baby will leave the habit.

Every mother has experienced the baby waking up at night.

 Most of the mother’s breast feed the baby to make her/him 

sleep. Many mothers complain that they are unable to sleep 

through the night but they must not feel so. It has been 

recommended by WHO (World Health Organization) that the 

baby must be given milk on demand.  If you breast feed the 

baby whenever he/she cries at night, you are on the right track.

 A few months of sacrifice by the mother will go a long way to 

make your baby healthy. At least for the first six months the 

baby must be given his/her feed on demand. After six months

 when the baby starts eating complimentary food, the baby can 

be gradually trained to sleep through the night. At this stage a 

time schedule for the baby’s food can be planned. Good for 

both, the mother and the child.

 The last point I wish to discuss is regarding bed wetting. With 

a little patience you can train the baby in ‘pee’ training right 

from the time she is a month old. Hold the feet of the baby in 

each hand, with bums resting on your arms or thighs, and 

make a soft sound, ‘su, su, su’.  Initially the baby may not 

oblige but with patience and persistence the baby will pass 

urine. After regular intervals, if you repeat this process the 

child will get used to it. After the baby is one year old he/she 

must be ‘potty’ trained. A bright and colorful pot is likely to 

attract the child and will make your job easier.

Written for Sarah  10 #30DBBC

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