northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Advancing age

Life is really interesting. When a baby comes to the world how happy does every one looks! We cannot even perceive this new born to become an adult and face the trials and tribulations of life. This baby is the centre of attraction of  the family. As the baby grows, his first contact with the outside world starts with schooling. Thus start the struggles hardships, conflicts and competitions, which become a part and parcel of every day life!  No one can escape these struggles. For some these are  hard to face, but for others  they pass by. It depends on the individual how efficiently they face.
            At every stage of life, there are problems. If  we  tackle them with a cool state of mind, we win half the battle. Every age has problems related to it. I am now eighty years old. I have experienced all phases of life. I have been a daughter, a wife, a mother, a grand mother, a housewife and a working woman.  By and large I have had a trouble free life,  with ups and downs  which is natural. On the basis of experience, I am giving below a few tips for the youth.
1 Maintain a balance in life. Do not be too excited in success, nor too dissapointed in failure.
2 Never indulge in gossipping in your work place.
Work hard and with sincerity.
4 Be sincere to your spouse.
5 Be up to date with your assignments.
6 If you don't know the answers to queries raised by seniors, don't beat about the bush.Accept the truth.
7 Live within  your means.Never take a loan.
8.Spend quality time with your family
9.Never insult any one in public
10. Pray every day and believe in the supremacy of God.

Written for Sarah Day 7 #30DBBC

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