northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Enjoying fever

Are you not amused by the title of my blog? Well you may change your opinion after going through this story.
                          Charles was an engineer by profession. He was very efficient and hard working. Making plans for  various projects was assigned to him. He was always over worked.  He used to leave home early  morning and came home late at night. Whenever he applied for leave,  it was refused. One day due extreme exhaustion, he felt unwell. He checked his temperature. It  was slightly above normal. His boss asked him to go home and rest.
                When Charles reached home it created  a clatter and clamour at home. TV was on, but no one was watching,  the cook was in deep sleep on the sofa. The tape recorder was on and the maid was dancing and his little daughter, Pinkie was crying. Within one  minute every thing looked normal. Charles was shocked but he was in mood to shout. He went straight to his room, closed the door and slept. The maid informed the mistress,  Lucy. She reached home in no time. She created a ruckus in the house. ''Switch on the heater,''she ordered the maid. The cook was  ordered to prepare chicken soup. Within five minutes she gave at least fifty orders. Next four days Charles did go to office. Lucy also stayed at home to look after him.  The fever was mild, which required no medication. He  had a sweet body ache, which made him feel as if he was in some dreamland.  Lucy mildly pressed his head with her delicate hands, which seemed heavenly. All his favourite dishes were prepared,which he really relished. How these four days passed, he did not know! When he went to office, he looked fresh, as if he had come to office after a refreshing holiday.   

Written for Day 2 # 30DBBC


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