northern lights

northern lights

Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Yesterday, the 26th October was like any other day. Normally I don't sleep after lunch, but I was feeling very lethargic. I thought I would have a short nap, The moment I lied down I felt that the bed was moving. On the backside of our house is a railway line, Some times when a train passes , there is a slight tremor.Yesterday also I thought that it was a train! The tremors continued. I felt the whole room shaking.  Oh God! it was an earthquake. None of the family members was at home. Our two maids were at home.My first thought was 'hope they are all well.'  The fan was moving, and the building was swaying.   It was very scary. It slowed down for a few moments and started again. I prayed continuously. It appeared that  nature was also in a state of shock. All the birds and crows had apparently taken shelter  somewhere.The tremors stopped for a few seconds and again started.this happened a few more times and finally stopped. What a relief!!


  1. I had called up to ask if all was okay, and I am happy that you and your family are fine. It must have been scary, even more so because you were alone at home.

    1. Kavita told me that you had called, It was very scary