northern lights

northern lights

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Eighty and enjoying

Today I am eighty.. but I myself do not  feel that  I have completed eighty years. People say that age is but a number, I  am inclined to agree with this view.  Being the  first born of my parents. I got great love and affection. As far as my memory goes, I remember that there were records of nursery rhymes, colourful books and innumerable toys at home. I had my early education in a convent school, where I studied for five years. Later on I was admitted in a school with hostel facilities, because  my father was transferred from Delhi. It was here that I became self confident and independent. I passed my High school examination in 1950. I went to Hindu College in Delhi, where our English teacher was Dr.Sarup Singh,ex Governor of Kerala, Haryana and Gujrat.  I  was influenced by him and developed a liking for English. I did my MA in English in 1957.
I started writing blogs in 2012/13.I have written about 1200 blogs.
            My parents were very liberal.  We were Punjabis 
but I was allowed to marry a Keralite boy of my own choice. Life has been very smooth. My husband is my best teacher. I 
get great regard,  love and affection from every one. I have two talented children, a boy and a girl.Both are very loving. Both are happily married. I have four grandchildren,all of them very bright. My son in law named me ''fabulous mother''
 Today my son has made a comment on me, On Facebook '' I've known her all my life; nay I knew her even before I was born! She brought me up with an iron hand yet has 

a gentle heart 

to assuage the most grievous wounds. Writer, blogger, 

educationist and grandmom rolled into one; I wish my 

mom a very happy eightieth birthday! May her pen never
 By the way, today is his birthday also.
 We have  very friendly and amicable understanding.Everyone gives great respect  to me and my husband
Unlike olden days these days there is hardly any interaction between relatives. I noticed that our cousins hardly  had  any contact with each other .I called each one and formed a cousins' group on whatsapp so that the whole family can remain knit together.This family reunion has been welcomed by everybody with great enthusiasm.
Now, the gifts that I got today.My husband has gifted me a an 'apple iphone' and my children have presented me a new Laptop. I am thrilled.

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  1. Wow! Such a loving birthday wish from your son! Usha ji wishing you a very very happy birthday! lots of wishes for a fabulous year ahead!

  2. Wow...Happy Birthday, Usha ji :) Glad to know many things about you though you have mentioned them before. A very Happy Birthday to your son also. Hope you like your new gifts and have fun with them. Eighty is in physical age...not mental state :)

  3. Happy wala budday, Usha Ma'am. Such a wonderful journey in life, right from convent education to studying in the prestigious Hindu College and being such an inspiration. Age is just a number and one can see the youthful you with your posts.

    1. Thanks Vishal for the inspiring comments.I have to learn a lot from youngsters like you.