northern lights

northern lights

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My little sweet heart

Yesterday I wrote about my Doctor grandson. Today I am writing about my 'dancer' grand daughter.  Dancing was not her first  choice. When she was small her wish was to become a chartered accountant like her father. As she grew her interest too changed. She was enamoured of dancing. Her day started with a dance and ended with a dance.
                                     As a small baby, she was very cute  and was grand pa's pet. The play school,where she went was close to the house. She wanted to sit on her grand pa's shoulder,when going to the play school.  That was such a sweet gesture! She went in a taxi to her regular school. None of the girls allowed her to sit near the window. My husband told her to tell the girls that he eats small girls for breakfast.!  From that day she got the window seat whenever she wanted. She is very social. She has an army of friends  She is very sincere. She  has a heart of gold.

She started learning contemporary dance and joined classes a fter school after school hours. In college she was elected Vice Chairman  of the  Choreo Society. She passed her Mathematics(Hons.)with a high percentage,   Now she has joined a Dance Institute, a subject nearest to her heart. We feel that the child must be allowed to opt whatever course she wants. She is very happy and we are happy in her happiness. Bless you, Ramita!! May you always be happy!!!

Written for Sarah Day26 # 30DBBC