northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 23 October 2015

live life bravely

Living life honorably is an art which has to be acquired with an effort.  Living without any purpose or aim in life is just 'existence' .  Our aim in life must be to achieve some thing. We must set certain priorities in life.If there is  no fixed goal in life, you are like a rudderless  ship which flows without any destination. If you are of a helpful nature you will get accolades from all quarters. Sometimes even our life becomes vulnerable in helping others, which is no doubt a big surprise, but you become immortal for all times to come.
                              I am reminded of a story, I heard from my mother. A rich man lived in his farm house every year for a few   days. During his last visit, his favourite  horse fell ill.  A veternary  doctor was called to treat  the horse. Even after medication there was no improvement.The vet. informed the owner, that since there was no improvement the horse would be put to 'sleep'. The goat heard this and got worried. She went to the horse and whispered in his ears ''get up friend otherwise you will be put to sleep for ever. The horse opened his eyes but was    too unwell,The goat repeated this many times. Finally the horse got up and started running. The rich man was very happy .He ordered  the servants to prepare mutton. The goat became a scapegoat and a martyr. In the ashes of the goat, the horse rose.

Written for Sarah day 22 # 30DBBC