northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 31 October 2015

A doctor comes home

He is famous, but has no airs, he is intelligent, but has no pride,  he is a famous doctor but does not shy away poor patients. In a book titled 'best Doctors of Delhi',he has been listed. He is the first one to introduce the concept of 'treatment of sleep related diseases. The Limca book of records mentions that he established a first sleep lab in India.He has won several laurels. I am proud to state that he is my son in law! He is popularly called 'Happy' among friends and relatives.

                               He was a brilliant student. He had a strong will power to become  a Doctor. When in his ninth class the school authorities did not give him Biology, he confidently walked to the Principal's office to request him for Biology.Even the school is today proud to state that such a famous doctor was their alumni. As a student,  trekking was was his  hobby.
                             He loves music,and is especially fond of  old Hindi songs. has a taste for good things, be it his personal needs or requirements for the family.He is very much attached to the family. As a human being and as a doctor he is a shining jewel. He is  a man of few words.  He speaks very softly.
              He  has travelled far and wide within the country as well abroad.Many hospitals invite him for consultations. He is on many committees constituted by Govt . of India on health issues.
 My daughter is fortunate to have him as her husband.They are a loving couple equally devoted to their children. My blessings are with them.

Written for  Sarah day 30 #DBBC



  1. are doing a great job suring illness of people and bringing them health n happiness. Wish you more success happy jiju...frm neetu, tarun...

  2. is your deed that makes us feel proud . Its great to have a doctor in the family..may all your days be as wonderful as you have made for others...frm lakshya nagpal...

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