northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Realisation of true friendship

Ramesh and  Mohan were very close friends. They studied in the same class till class viii. When they  were  promoted to class nine many new students joined the class. Ramesh, being a happy go lucky type, developed friendship with many boys. Mohan felt  lonely, so he concentrated on his studies. In the company of rowdy boys, Ramesh lost his interest in his studies. He did not bring any food from home.Some times, if his mom packed food, he would throw it in the dust bin. He carried lots of money to school. He started eating junk food, which was not at all nutritious but very  greasy.  The result was that  he gained  lot of  weight. Now he started bunking classes.Many times Mohan tried to advise him but he did not pay any heed to what what Mohan said. In, the company of those hooligans, Ramesh also became  hellish. Exams also were very near, but Ramesh was  in no position to appear for the exams. He was detained in the class. One day a class mate announced in the class  that while coming to school he found Ramesh sleeping  on the foot path.With the permission of the teacher Mohan rushed out and found Ramesh.  Without any delay  he informed Ramesh's father and took him to a nursing home. Ramesh was given  urgent attention. In the evening Ramesh was shifted to a room.He was unconscious. Mohan did not sleep that night.Ramesh gained consciouness  and with a heavy heart said,'' i left you without  any reason.Please don't leave me.'' A  spirit of great love ignited within him and he again slept, but now his mind and body  were at peace ! 

1. Written  for three word for Wednesday. The three words are  'greasy', 'hellish' and 'ignite'.3WWW449 WEEK

2.Written for Sarah Day 17   #30DBBC

3. Written for B A R thread 18th to 24th