northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Ambition in life

Ambition is the hallmark of a successful person. Everybody 

follows his/ her ambition ambitiously. There is no one who has

 no ambition in  life.  Everyone has come to the world with an 

ambition. Without any ambition in life, a person  is  like a log 

  of wood, which is  not inspired by any thing; it  simply  lies 

thrown away  in a lonely  place  waiting for a  stark reality that 

it will   be  burnt to ashes  some day. This is the fate of every 

human  who has no aim, no hope, no desire or  initiative   to

  achieve something in life.
Ambition is a strong desire to achieve something specific in 

life.  An ambitious person sets his goal and whatever  he 

decides, his mind  works solely in the direction,  where he can 

successfully fulfil his  dream.  You dream big, you want to 

 achieve  big but it will not be within your reach, unless you

  make  it your sole purpose in life and you strive to achieve  it 

by all means. 

 Unlike ancient  days youth today is much more focused..They

 are more determined and have a set goal for themselves. It  is 

 their  ambition and steadfast effort which enables them to 

reach their goal. Swami Vivekanand said, ’’Man is the master

 of his destiny.’’ Ambition is  the goal and persistence  takes 

you there.

 When I was  in my teens, there were not as many options as 

are available to the youth today. But  human nature being  the 

same, we also had our ambitions. My father was my role model.

 Right from childhood my ambition was to achieve a position in

 life. With sheer  hard work and determination , I reached a 

high  position in life.

Written for Sarah   Day 9  #30DBBC

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