northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 14 October 2015


“When you reach a calm and quiet meditative state, that is when you can hear the sound of silence.” 
 Stephen Richards

  • Calmness is a virtue that we  should  cultivate at all costs. A calm person is an asset not only for his home and work place but also for the society to  He maintains equilibrium and equanimity in all circumstances. Nothing can   shake him. Keeping temper on the tip of the nose  is the opposite quality. A good number of human beings remain angry and aggressive. On the other hand we also encounter such people who are tolerent and calm in their everyday life. Let us for example imagine a situation where we have to work under a kind officer who is calm and collected. He never loses his temper or becomes impatient with us for  our  deficient nature. On the other hand, he guides us and helps to achieve the desired result. Here I am reminded of a true incident in my life. A colleague of mine, for no apparent reason  started screaming and shouting at me and blamed me for non compliance of the work assigned to me.  I knew that the work had already been completed. During all this while I kept my cool and displayed a gentle smile. Moments  later, he returned to me and apologised to me . He enquired  how  I remained unperturbed against a barricade of abuses. I replied calmly that I felt that he had momentarily lost his balance and matching abuse with abuse will not lead to any solution. There are many legends in our scriptures where the master never loses his cool and answers questions put by his pupils with patience and tranquillity. What do you call such a person? He is the very epitome of kindness and possesses the divine nature of calmness. Should  we not cultivate and nurture this divine quality which will lead us to a blissful and sublime life.

  • Written for Sarah no.13 # 30DBBC

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