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northern lights

Friday, 9 October 2015

Working mothers

Working mothers
These days we find there are many women who go out for work. In big towns and cities it has become a sort of norm that a majority of women work. And why not? Women these days are highly educated and are capable of handling any work professionally. There are women working in all spheres, whether as corporate, bankers, managements, and in many other sectors they are handling all sorts of jobs efficiently and successfully. In olden days it was an accepted fact that women were housemakers.It was only the men who were treated as bread winners for the family. With socio economic changes the women jumped into all fields. The jobs which were treated as exclusively for men found many women walking in and proving their mettle.
Couples dont want kids these days. They have a double income, and they want to enjoy life without any encumbrance. The latest slogan now is “dink” (double income, no kid). Personally I feel that a couple must have at least one child, Otherwise after passage of time life will be dreary and dull. The “dink” philosophy will thus become hollow. Moreover in later years conception becomes difficult.
     Now the big question is how the children would be looked after in the absence of the mother. Even though many husbands will agree that working women manage their households very efficiently, they find ways and means for child care. The Government of India has recently increased the maternity leave to six months from three months. There is also a provision for paternity leave of one month. There are many options for looking after the babies for mothers, who are working.
1.  The grand parents can look after the babies. The children are secure under the loving and affectionate care of the grandparents. When our first grand daughter was born, my DIL joined her job after availing of maternity leave. I and my husband had not retired. We employed a maid to look after the baby. My DIL’s parents came from Bangalore. It is better if some family member is present to supervise the maid.
2.  A full time maid can be entrusted to look after the baby. The credentials of the maid must be got verified through a local police station. In all cities it is compulsory to get police verification of servants/tenants. Moreover a neighbor may be requested to visit the house to keep a check the maid.
3.  If the family budget permits two maids may be recruited.
4.  There are many offices which allow ladies to work from home. Especially where the employee is working on a computer. This is a very effective option, where the home and office work can be successfully co-ordinate.
5.  Many offices employ candidates for half time. Of course the salary is reduced.
6.  There are crèches to take care of children. In the case of crèches it must be verified that they approved by Municipal authorities. It should have a qualified Doctor to take care of the child in case of emergency. The hygiene and sanitary conditions must also be examined.
If both, husband and wife are working, they can very well opt for any one of the options suggested above.
 It is generally seen that children of working ladies do well in life.

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