northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 27 February 2015

Tan Renga Challenge3 75 First yellow blossom


                                      Winter winds gone,
                                  yellow blossoms spring up,
                                         sweet to breathe.

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge3 75 First yellow blossom


                                                                                   House is home
                                               with the people live laughingly,
                                                       joking happily.

                                                        home  on earth
                                                  no other place so sweet,
                                                         its'  so heavenly.

Written for Carpe Diem # 675  House 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015



A female monkey was caught from a forest by Shakil. He named her Najma. He already had another monkey, who was called Rahim. Najma got a companion so she was very happy. She did not even remember her days spent in the forest. Shakil used to take them out every day. Sometimes it was a residential colony, sometimes a crowded market place and some other time near  some school. Najma loved this routine. One day Najma  knew that she was pregnant. Shakil brought another monkey. She was ignored by  Shakil  and  Rahim. Najma was  always sad.  She gave birth to two monkeys, a male and a female. Shakil quietly took the male monkey and sold it. Najma was very sad.There was no one to console her or share her grief. She always remembered her days in the forest and cried.One day Najma carried her baby and ran away. Across the road there was a factory with a huge open space and several trees.  Sometime she got leftovers to eat by the men, working in the factory. There were  days when she got nothing. One day she got a corn. She was very happy and lovingly fed her baby. She was worried how long she could manage to live such life of uncertainty. As luck would have it, next day a truck was leaving the factory.She, along with her baby jumped on its top.The truck seemed to be going a long distance. After travelling for one full day, it passed through a forest.In a jiffy Najma jumped, along with her baby, and caught a branch of a huge tree.  She was now a free soul, living in freedom.  
  FREEDOM is better  than caged  comfort. 

Written for B A R  for the picture prompt given by Sid Balachandran's  Wordy Wednesday.


Tuesday, 24 February 2015


                                                         Shared Birthday
                                    by me and my sonny boy
                                          fun every year.

                                      I wish him luck
                            he too wishes me  the same
                                   fun every year.

                                     I give him gift
                         his precious gift surprises me
                                                  fun every year.

Written  for Haiku Horizon week 53  prompt  'Birthday'

Monday, 23 February 2015

The first kiss

                                                             Mother's first kiss
                                   so  tender  soft, soul stirring
                                            bliss for both.

                                         Lover's first kiss
                                  on the beloved's  forehead
                                           panting  for more.

Written for Carpe Diem  time glass# 22  The first kiss


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Summer time

                                                                     jasmine  fragrance sweet
                                                                spreads and attracts far and wide
                                                                        summer time arrives.

Written for Carpe Diem#672 Summertime

my smart phone

My smart phone is really smart. Iam using it for the last one year. It has so manyfeatures,which are unfolding slowly  one by one and  come as a surprise.  It is a mini store house, with so much knowledge and infomation hidden within its small body, that you marvel at its extraordinary qualities. It was gifted to me by my son last year. It was 'love at first sight' Besides  being an adept at making calls of ordinary nature,  it can make video calls. It has  'Viber' , through which I can talk to my grand daughter, studying abroad,. free of charge.
                                                  It is amazing that i can use my dear phone as  a mini computer. I can acsess the internet  through it. I can play games on line, read books which I like. I can accsess  all T.V.channels and watch programmr according to my convenience. Through  this 'small' magician I can make on line shopping. A great  feature is the 'WhatsApp'.Through this  i can chat with my friends and family residing in any corner  of the globe. Through this, i  am able to exchange photos, news and any other infomation,which reaches the other party in an instant.
                         It has a very efficient camera. besides ordinary  photos, I can also record a video which can be shared  with  with others.One magic which I came across only yesterday is 'Fotor'. It can edit the pitures,make a collage, change the colors of the photo, and what not!


The pictures, clicked by me are at serial number 1 and 4.Through Fotor the color of the flower has been changed from pink to violet and  in the next photo  the color is changed from pink to black and white. What a marvel!! I am completely mesemerized  by my really smart phone.

Written for B A R for the week 22ndto 28th Feb.
Submitter to B A R The Group as an archives post on Monday 3 rd August 2015


Friday, 20 February 2015


This a true story of compassion and love.,T he affection showered on Sharda by her well wishers was so  intense that no one could ever think that she was an orphan. Mr. and Mrs. Taneja had two  daughters. Mr. Tanja was working in a Government office. He got a salary which was suficient for him to run his family. The daughters were studying in a good school.Both of them were good in studies. They had no regrets in their life.
                                          It was an ordinary day. Mr.and Mrs were going for a a friend's house. On the way, Mrs Taneja saw a small child crying loudly. By her side a woman seemed to be in deep sleep. The car was running at a fairly good speed when they crossed that place. Suddenlt Mrs. Taneja said,''Stop''. Mr.Taneja got worried and the car stopprd with a jerk. ''What happened?'' he asked. She just told her husband to  turn back. Without a word Mr. Taneja turned the car.His wife asked him to stop after a short  distance. She pointed to wards the child, who was still crying. They got down and  went near the child. Mrs Taneja bent down to wake up the mother, but she screamed when she realised that the woman was not alive.They performed her last rites and took the child home. The child was about two years old.She was given a bath and some food. The child  put her head in Mrs Tanejs's ap and drifted into deep sleep,
     The Taneja couple put an advertisement  in all newspapers. No one came to claim the child. The child was a baby girl.The  Taneja couple discossed the places where they could send the girl child. Finally they decided to keep her and bring her up like their own daughters. She was named Sharda.
                  The girl  was looked after so well  that nobody could even think that she was not their own child. she went  to the same school where their own children were studying. Sharda was a bright child. . She obtained 95% marks in in Sr. Sec. Examination. She qualifed in engineering admission test and was admitted in a prestigious college. She ws sent abroad to study for M.B.A. Today she is happily married.  The Taneja's are proud of her.
                                 Such examples of compassion are very rare. Hats off to Taneja couple!!



Thursday, 19 February 2015

Sunday afternoon

                                                           Relax body mind
                                                     Sunday afternoon  delight
                                                           peaceful  heart.

                                                             Children in the park
                                                          playing cricket  happily
                                                               sunday afternoon.

Written for CarpeDiem # 671 prompt sunday afternoon.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

He painted the town red.

My  neighbor's son  is an average student. Many times he  failed.  Whereas his other friends  were in the final year of college, he had appeared for the final year of  Sr. Sec. Exam.This was his second attempt. When the result came , he had obtained  second division. He was so excited that  he laid  flat on the middlr of the road shouting loudly ,'' I  have done it!  I have passed.''A big crowd collected on the road . People were amused. He painted the town red.  followed by celebrations in which his friends and family members were invited. Hip,hip, hurrah!

Written for wordy Wednesday #5 at B-A-R and #Blogging Tip


Tuesday, 17 February 2015



                                                                            Sparks of love
                                                                  lovers' hearts weep and sigh,
                                                                           both affected.


                                                                            Sparks  of love
                                                                       from the her restless heart
                                                                            caught him unaware.
                                                                              Sparking street light
                                                                        caused  panic in market place,
                                                                                resultant darkness.

Written  for  Haiku Horizons week 52  # spark
pics courtesy google




Monday, 16 February 2015



                                                            Baby bathing
                                                  a  tough and elaborate affair
                                                             baby loves it.


                                                                A luxury bathing,
                                                           full of  comfort and perfume
                                                                 enjoy, o lady, enjoy.

Written for Carpe Diem  # 670 Bathing




                               Early morning fog
                                                                            drive to work big challenge
                                                                                   wish a holiday.

                                                                                    Fog at night
                                                                       dim red blue green lights
                                                                                no more glory.                                            

                                                                                 Cold winter fog
                                                                          little children shiver in class
                                                                                 fully covered  clothes


Written for Carpe Diem Time glass# 21  Fog
pic Carpe Diem site




A famous dancer  went to her guru, touched her feet and burst into tears. The guru asked her to wipe her tears and tell what happened. The dancer said, ''I am facing too much criticism these days. I can not  concentrate on my dance.'' Her guru  told her,''It is very easy to discontinue dancing. It will not affect anyone else except you. Child, whatever you do, you will not always get bouquets, you will also get brats. Don't run away from criticism. It is a lesson for you to work hard.''
                       This is a  lesson which is applicable to every one. We must always do our best. The best way to avoid  criticism is to do nothing. Only those who do something will  be critizised. Non performers will not get any criticism. Don't run away, if you are facing criticism. Learn to live constructively.Criticism can be positive without the intention of  causing harm to other person. Take it in the same spirit in which it is given. You cannot stop working for fear of being critisized. Take any criticsm  in a positive manner .Continue to perform your job full heartedly. Only cowards run away from fear of criticism.  I quote the famous words of Dale Carnegie,'Any fool can criticize,condemn and  complain but it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving.' Infact criticism , if taken in a posititive spirit, makes a person strong,firm  and determined. Discarding your hobby or your presentation due to adverse  criticism is simply unreasonable. Buck up, leave  all negative feelings behind, success is at your doorstep!!

Written for BAR, 'weekly sharing thread' 15th Feb to21st Feb

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Love for all seasons

Neeru,  and Jatin, were childhood friends.They were separated when  Neeru was eight and Jatin twelve.Neeru's one leg was shorter and therefore she limped while walking. All  the children used to bully her and made fun of her. Neeru did not mix with others and remained aloof. She always missed Jatin. Time passed. Neeru was in college studying in second year of B.Com. She had a photograph of Jatin and herself,which was kept hidden beneath the cover of her text books. She saw it occasionally and remembered the days,  she and Jatin played together. How nice were those days! One day after she reached home, her father's words gave her a shock. He said,''From tomorrow you are not going to college. Your marriage has been fixed for Sunday.'' Neeru wept but no one was there to console her. Within a week Neeru was married. At night she was sitting on the bridal bed. Her thoughts were in the past. Oh God, she wondered, why was she thinking of her past.Tears were flowing from her eyes. She heard  the sound  of someone's  footsteps.  She heard the sound of the closing of the door latch. Her heart was thumping  hard. She hid her face with her palms. The groom came and stood by her side. The perfume of his shaving cream and scent filled the whole room. Without a word, he held her hands and tried to remove them away from her eyes. He did not succeed. He sat beside her  and whispered in her ears,''Neer.'' The  word acted as  magic! She looked at him and uttered softly, 'Jatin!'. ''Yes my dear. I am your Jatin. I am a lecturer in your college. You did not recognise me.'' She was about to say something, but Jatin did not allow her to speak. He spread his arms around her and locked his lips with hers, which seemed like eternity.
                             It was Valentines Day, a symbol of Love for all seasons!!

Written for Wordless  Wednesday, #  4  prompt, 'Love for all seasons'




Monday, 9 February 2015

Haiku Horizons Point

                                                       A  pointed  finger
                                                cast towards the  murderer
                                                       hangs head  down.

                                                     Point to ponder
                                                God gives liberal mercies,,
                                                    be honest O man.


                                                     Blood  oozing
                                             pricked by sharp pointed thorn
                                                        child howling.

Written for Haiku Horizons prompt#51 'point'





                     Free Yellow And Red Chrysanthemum Stock Image - 799381       Free Chrysanthemum Royalty Free Stock Photography - 17195997             Free Chrysanthemum Royalty Free Stock Photos - 17336188 
                                                   Multi color flowers
                                              are you  chrysanthemums
                                                   wow, so beautiful.

                                            show piece of  my garden
                                                  what lovely colors!

!Written for Carpe Diem  Little creatures # 17 " all the chrysthemums "pics courtesy google

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Down memory lane

Today my youngest  grand daughter has gone to appear for the M.Sc.admission test  for I.I.T. She came to me to seek my blessings. Oh God! How time flies.I am feeling very nostalgic. Even my grand children have reached a stage when they are completing their studies and have entered their youth.In the dusk of my life I am reminded of so many things which are now lying secure in the womb of eternity.On occassions like this they come gushing to the forefront and immerse me completely in their  fold...................
             It was the year 1994. I had retired and had to leave  Government  accommodation.We shifted to our own house. In the beginning my children were not happy to shift, because of the distance from their work place.  After we shifted, the children  loved the new house, their own  home!
The younger grand daughter was born  here. She has grown into a young  lady with a mind and thoughts of her own. Our elder grand daughter was very fond of her sister.Unlike other  siblings, they never quarrel. Even as grown ups, they are the best of friends.
Friends or sisters
R was a cute baby. She looked like a little fairy. Her naughty looks and  sweet actions are still etched firmly in our mind. As a child she had a very sharp memory.Initially she was admitted in a play school, near our residence. She got admission in Mater Dei School without any difficulty.She was very popular in school.She was the president of the Table Tennis team of the school. She participated in debates, extempore speech competitions.She was an all rounder.She obtained 94 % marks in Sr. Sec. exam. She loved to dance. In  her college she was elected vice president of the choreo society.The elder one is also crazy for dancing. The elder one, also R, is studying in USA. The younger one also wants to study abroad.When both of them are together they dance day and night.  It is  generally  seen that siblings of the same sex always  quarrel, but both my  grand daughters  never even argue with each other.
I pray to God that they always stay blessed.

Written for Blog-A-Rhythm  weekly thread 8th Feb.to13th Feb. 2015


Saturday, 7 February 2015


Right from  childhood  I am wary of lizards. This harmless creature gives me goosebumps.The more I try to move away from them, the more they seem to  tease me. Sometimes it is a game of hide and seek between this.
Last week, a lizard,fat one, gave me a real surprise. At midnight I felt very cold, and opened the almirah to take an additional blanket. Lo and behold, the moment I opened the almirah, something jumped on my  head!!  From nowhere a big, fat lizard had fallen on my head. I felt SQUEAMISH and started shrieking. OMG, I was still half asleep,which vanished  instantly.My husband got up with a bang. he thought  that I had  a fall. He rushed to me and started laughing. All  the family members heard the commotion and within seconds our bedroom was resounding with  laughter. I felt foolish. The 'poor' lizard  must have shuddered. In no time, it just disappeared!

no. of words around 130.
Written in response to  BAR, weekly prompt, 'Wordless Wednesday'# 3 and the word is''Squeamish''

This week’s prompt comes from B-A-R member, writer and blogger, Aditi Kaushiva who blogs here.


Friday, 6 February 2015


                                                      Blue is the sky
                                                 blue is the stream below
                                                       is it fairyland?  

                                                         Blue, bright,
                                                    beauiful, bewitching,
                                                       beautous, blooms.

Written for Carpe Diem # 3 Prompt Blue
pic carpe diem

Wednesday, 4 February 2015




                                                                      The  lonely rock
                                                                  showing an open human face 
                                                                       waits for food.

                                                         Animal silhouette of green leaves. Pig. - stock photoSilhouette of a man with his hands raised from green leaves - stock photo

                                                                              Shrubs  come alive,
                                                                        as striking  as  natural  figures
                                                                               add beauty to nature                                                                       
Written for Carpe Diem prompt  # 5 'comparison'
pics from google

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Chicken surprise

Today  I had a biggest surprise,  no it was a shock ,of my life.  Now, as I am writing this, I feel amused.  A  tragedy of sorts happened in the morning, on the breakfast table. I  told the servant to make scrambled egg. The maid who cooks, was on leave.  The servant brought  a  bowl, full of  what  looked like scrambled egg. He said,'' Madam,  so much scrambled egg is lying in the frig.Perhaps the maid cooked this last night and kept in the frig, to be used for breakfast''.I wondered why  she prepared it a night before. I took a small portion, hardly two spoons, In the evening when the maid came she asked, ''Madam, I had kept chicken in the frig, but it is not there.''  OMG, I realised that  what I  had  for  breakfast was  not  scrambled egg but  mashed boneless chicken masala!! I  am feeling very upset as I am a vegetarian. This action, though taken, unknowingly  has spoiled my day!! Have you  ever faced a situation, which makes you feel  sorry and tickled at the same time?  

Monday, 2 February 2015


                                                          A  free  bird
                                                  I fly  high  on my  dreams
                                                         none to check.

                                                    Free time over
                                               men and women  hilarious
                                                     no fear  of boss.

                                                       Here comes boss
                                             shuddering with fear, free  time
                                                        fun, all gone.


                                                     Freed from zoo,
                                               ferocious lion enters the city
                                                     population scared.

written for Haiku Horizons week 50 prompt  " Free".

Sunday, 1 February 2015

-'Electionomia' hits Delhi

These days Delhi is in the grip of  'Electionomia', a  very serious disease!! The hysteria is  spreading to every nook and corner of the city. It has become a big 'comic' situation. The same disease  had hit the city only a year ago but the 'Doctor' who was responsible for the treatment of the junta, himself ran away after forty nine days, without  even a trace of responsibility, leaving the vast 'junta,' who looked up to him expectantly for the treatment of all their pain and maladies. Ironically, the same 'doctor' who had left his people in the lurch, is back again in the 'fray!
                                   People were quite happy without any of these impostors. But, as they say, rules are rules. An elected Government  must  'take care'(really?) of welfare of the citizens. Hence another election is thrust on the  poor junta of Delhi. The same drama is being re-enacted. Every one is  making their best efforts to open the 'Pandora's Box' of  his rival. Mud slinging is at its best.  Every contestant is trying to show his/her achievements. Loudspeakers are roaring  popular filmy songs to highlight the best characteristics of the candidate,  they are supporting.
                    One party has brought a retired Services personality for  Chief Ministership, which has added glamour to the speeches. Slogans, for and against, can be seen in the print media, radio and television. Messages are being sent to subscribers on phones through SMS's and Apps.
                 Where will all this 'tamasha' lead to! The  same old drudgery. The wheels of  (Mal)administration will move on. The same old allegations /charges will  be levelled. The man on the streets will live without any change in his status.'LONG LIVE OUR  DEMOCRACY'. 

Written for B-A-R , weekly sharing thread, 1st Feb. to 7th Feb.