northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 22 October 2015

I cant believe it

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  The beginning of this week was  a 

memorable day, which  I will never forget. 

It happened to be my 

eightieth birthday.More than me my 

family was excited. My son,whose birthday

 also falls  on the same date as mine  was 

not in town, due to official work. The first thing  that I  saw in thmorning was 

a lovely message from him. ''  I've known

 her all my life; nay I knew her even 

before I was born !She brought me up 

with an iron  hand yet has a  gentle heart to assuage the most 

grievous wounds.Writer, 

blogger, educationist  and grandmom rolled into one;  I wish my mom a very happy 

eightieth birthday! May her pen never fall short of ink.''   

My  husband gifted me  an Apple iphone 6 ,which came as a surprise. Such a sweet 

gift.was overwhelmed.

Yet another surprise came as a bomb shell, My children gifted  the latest ''Windows 10'' I Pad.

I really  could not believe so much happening on one single day!

Written for Wordy Wednesday #3 October 15;, B A R The sentence # prompt '' I can;t believe it''


  1. Hank likes to turn 80 and get all those goodies too! Happy birthday Usha!


  2. Sweet! It is a blessing to have a loving family. I am so happy to read that your birthday surprises were beyond your expectation, Usha Ma'am. Such a good feeling this post spreads. :)

  3. Wow! Usha ji, what a special day you had!

  4. I'm glad you had an awesome birthday Ushaji Such a sweet message from your son.