northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Best You Tube Videos

You tube is one of my favourite  web sites on my computer. It has every thing. You want to know about the latest news anywhere in the world,just type it , and you get it. Any song, any language, new or old, any movie or gossip, you can easily find it here. Oh yes any recipe,you want to try, you have numberless options. Want to bake a cake ? Come to You Tube!! You want to start fabric painting. It will show you what material you need, how to start  and ultimately how can you be an expert.You were not at home and missed your favorite serial on TV, it can show  you without any difficulty.Your child has taken part in some debate/dance/drama or any other event, you see the performance on You Tube. You are a spiritual person. You can get talks of great saints and masters. You can get recitation of all scriptures, and that too narrated by different experts. Oh gosh, I never gave it a thought that You Tube contains such a wealth of information, entertainment and news.
         Today I wish to present some of my favourite video clips presented in You Tube.
                                        .  1.  This is a Sanjeev Kapoor's recipe for an eggless
                                              chocolate cake.It is easy to understand and good
                                              to taste

                    2. The first address of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India.

                                   3. .My grand son, Tejas got 1st rank in AAIMS
                                          entrance test for M.D. His interview on You Tube


                                                 4. How to make paper flowers

                                              5. prices of Samsung smart phones  

                                                   6. Bhagwat Gita  speech

                                                 7. Rare old songs. We can select any language.

                                                 8.ABC of Driving a car. After watching this
                                           tutorial you can start learning to drive.                    

                                            9.. How to stitch a blouse or any thing else.
                                              We can hear in any language.
                                           10.How to lay a table.

                                                11.   How to apply make up.


You Tube is like a magic wand in our hand.Whatever the problem, it can be solved here. You want entertainment in any language,,it is just a click away.You want clarification on any subject, You Tube is there to help you.

Written for Write Tribe Pro Blogger week 5  Day  40



  1. Wow...that's a comprehensive list..But yes youtube has everything ..Such wonders of technology no? And social network as well!
    Random Thoughts Naba...Hear Me Out Atleast...

    1. Yes Naba,I think this site has the vast variety of programmes.