northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 14 September 2015

Family tie-ups

In olden days life was simple. There used to be joint families living in big havelies. The head of the family or the  mukhiya
(मु खी या )  was a father figure. Agriculture was the main source of income. Generally men worked in the fields. All the brothers and their families  lived as one unit. With industrialisation men started working in cities. Thus started the system of nuclear families. With the expansion of  industries people left the boundaries and settled in various cities. Some of them migrated to other countries and settled there. 
             This resulted in the distance in relationship. We hardly met,  except on special occasions.  Cousins of my generation,
even though we hardly met, still knew each other.  Our children  and grand children are not at all familiar with their uncles. aunts and cousins of the extended families. With the expansion of communication facilities the world has has become closer. I, being one of the eldest, took the initiative.  I contacted some of my cousins and suggested that we must remain in touch. This appealed to every one. A get together was organised. It was a big success. We are planning another one very soon.
                                   We have also formed a ''whatsapp''  group.The bond is now strong. We are in constant touch. On birthdays, anniversaries,  festivals we  exchange greetings
Relatives  from  countries all over the world  are actively  participating. I hope that the tradition will continue.


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