northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 7 September 2015

Mag 284 photo prompt


                                             Where  have I come to
                              looking for u everywhere
                               in this vast lonely place 
                               my love where are you!
                               Morning sun  is rising
                              across high mountains
                              they were my guardians
                              in the lonely dark night.

                              A testimony to my tears
                              Near the wooden gates
                              I spent the whole night
                              me and my lonely mind
                              My sad  heart throbbing
                              parched throat  sighing
                              No not even your shadow
                              only the gurgling water
                              and my red watery eyes..

                             You forgot your promise
                             to  heaven hand in hand
                             together we will  march.
                             Away from slush and garb
                              cross the gate to heavens
                             in peace will live forever.
                             God's men are near me
                             good bye  ah! good bye !!

Written for Magpie Tales photo prompt 284


  1. A love so elusive! By right he should be more mindful of other suitors lurking in the shadows. Well penned Usha!


  2. I love the image of the guardian mountains. I liked this a lot.