northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 17 September 2015


3wwweek   445

 Haphazard, adjective: lacking any 

obvious principle of organization.

   Labored, adjective: done with great 

effort and difficulty, (especially of humor 

or a performance) not spontaneous or fluent.

   Noxious, adjective: harmful, poisonous, or very 


    Sheena was a self centred girl. She was bright and 

intelligent. The only problem was that she was a very 

lazy child. She was  arrogant and did mix with other 

children in the class.Her work. though correct in content

 was very haphazard in presentation, hence she never 

got good marks. Slowly she lost interest in studies and 

her work became  noxious.When the final year reults 

were declared, she was detained! 

                  In the new session Mira, a new teacher was 

in-charge of the class.She noticed that Sheena was 

always  quiet  and did not take any interest in the class. 

Mira obtained her past record. Mira made her sit in the

 first row. Slowly Sheena showed signs of improvement.

 Whatever work the teacher assigned, she finished it fast

and submitted in time to the  teacher.She laboured hard 

and also mixed with other children. In the end of term 

she topped in the class.


After her college Sheena appeared  for IAS  and  got 

through with flying colors. One day when she reached 

office she saw an old lady waiting outside on a bench. 

 Sheena recognised her and touched her feet. All the 

people waiting for the officer were shocked. Sheena 

proudly announced, ''She is my living God''.

Written for 3wwweeks 445 for Wednesday




  1. And Sheena dis the right thing by touching her teacher's feet as a mark of respect. A heart warming story.

    1. Teachers in the U.S. rarely receive such respect.

    2. Now every where the situation the same. This is a fiction not reality.

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  3. Sometimes a living god is what it takes.