northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 7 December 2015

Who will decide

 Today we have all comforts of life. we get up from our thermal blanket .Our mobile phone gives us the  main and important news of the world. so we stopped reading the news paper.We have become so much dependent on mechanical devices as if we wont be able to live without them.We drive to office by car or scooter with the result that we have forgotten  to walk. The result is that we get several diseases. After I bought a TV we are all the time in front of a TV, we have stopped reading good books and children prefer to watch TV instead of  going out  to play. Several more gadgets, which have taken charge of the urbanisation are contributing to the pollution.  
Today pollution has become a big issue. Global warming is adding  too much  pollution, which is dangerous for the  whole  of the universe.
   With the  winter days dawning, the problem of pollution has increased.  In cities this problem is increasing by leaps and bounds. The atmosphere is extremely  polluted, which affects the health of the people. Old people and children are  more liable  to be affected.

The effect of  pollution hits the  population  not only  in winter, but  the whole year round. In summer  and rainy season  mosquitoes and flies are in abundance to attack human beings. It is essential that proper hygiene must be maintained not only inside the house, but also outside.Somebody has to take action but WHO?

written for BAR Weekly thread 6th Decto 11th Dec

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  1. indeed...! But just like little drops make the ocean, it is up to us to be the change we wish to see...if each one does their bit, the world be a much better place!

    1. Yes, it is the responsibility to do his/her bit but,,,,,, you know the reply.