northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A dream


Last night  I was feeling relaxed.. I  made a hot  cup of  tea  for myself\, took my favourite book 'Rebbeca' and comfortably snugged in my cosy bed. I don't know when my eyes closed and I drifted into deep sleep.  I  was not aware when I reached Manderley, the ancient house  of  Maxim,( the hero of the novel).  The mansion was surrounded  with a cluster of trees, which appeared to be  a miracle of nature.  From inside a loud voices of   music,  chatter and laughter could be heard. i went to the portico and peeped inside.  High society fashionable  men and women were  dancing  and  merry making.  Suddenly my gaze turned  at the stair case.An innocent and cute lady appeared.  My heart was  thumping. I  could not hear  what  a gentleman  said, but I could  make out that he  was full of rage. The  lady, Rebecca, I presumed, rushed back and was not to be seen.At that moment, a weird looking woman came near the door, where I was standing. I was trembling and became breathless.  I  got up with a start and looked around. There was nobody there and I was in my bed  perspiring.
 Thank God it was but a dream !!

Written for  a midweek wordle  4  at  #'A prompt each day'. Today  we have to write at least three words from the list of words


  1. what a clever use of the prompts! nice!

  2. Brilliantly done.

  3. Ah, what a dream and a wonderful take on the word prompts! :) <3

  4. beautiful use of prompts Ushaji, thank god it was a dream!
    Tina from The Sunny Side of Life

    1. Thank you Tina ' I am glad that you liked it.