northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 6 June 2015

A prompt a day A Short Story

Prompt 6  weekend wordle  # 1 A  short  story 


I am using the following three words  1, School  2. Back  3.Time from the words given above.

The story that  I am narrating  is a  real  incident . 
Sheela's  son, Deepak, was studying in class two. Deepak loved to have sandwiches in his lunch box. One day there was no bread , so Sheela packed   some laddoos and told him if he did not finish the laddoos, she would give him a beating. In the afternoon , the school bus came back  at the usual time . All  the children got down from the bus, but Deepak  was not  there. Sheela asked the driver,why  Deepak was not there. He gave a sheepish smile and said,''I presumed that Sahib would have picked him up from  school.''. This was  the height of  irresponsibility. Sheela got  furious.  
From  a distance  Deepak was walking back.  Sheela  immediately rushed in her car to pick him up. He wes sweating profusely and his eyes were red with tears flowing continuously.  Sheela asked him  what happened. Very innocently the child said, ''I was eating the laddoos''. Sheela did not know whether to laugh or to scold him.  A kind hearted car  driver had  found Deepak sitting on the roadside ,quite far from school,in the blazing heat and gave him a lift.

Written for A Prompt a day   Prompt 6  # 1 weekend wordle


  1. stern mothers invite troubles sometimes...great use of the words Ushaji :)

  2. I think there's some mistake in your link up at A Prompt Each Day Ushaji...the link is not working, you might check that out...

  3. Very well written Usha Ma'am.It carries a lesson and done in a light way. It made me smile towards the end.

  4. :) kids take things to heart so easily. lovely story.

    1. Thank you Leo. Gladthat you liked the storh.