northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 20 November 2014

International Men's Day

Symbol of International men's day

                                       Today, 19th November  is  International Men's Day.
They will drive miles because darling daughter wants a particular  ice cream. After a hard day's work at office, they will happily carry the crying baby on their shoulders. They will  run after the cycle to teach cycling to their son, even if they are tired .and do not know cycling themselves.  They will  forget  their own important work  to  help the children in preparing their projects for their school. They will go marketing for vegetables, grocery, bread, butter and other requirements for the household. If the wife is ill,they will enter the kitchen and prepare food for the little ones. If some one is ill at home, they will phone several times to know about  the condition.  After coming from work he will speak to his aged parents, enquire about their welfare. He will not hesitate to take leave ,if his beloved wife is ill.  And YES he he will not forget to exchange  jokes with his friends on 'whats app' and Facebook.... Let us not forget  all MEN who do so much for their family.
   Not only on Men's Day, but every day we must give them our love, affection and regards for being there for their household and specially for their wives.
                                        Three cheers for these soldiers in our life!!!


  1. Chalo,its so nice to hear love for men folk

  2. Wow! If only all men were like that! That would be cool! ;) <3

    1. Yes Elly, there are all kinds of people....good and bad.