northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 11 September 2011

celebrating onam

.So here is Onam! We look forward to this festival of  gaiety,fun  and frolic.The atmosphere is  festive. After the scorching summer heat,a pleasant breeze ,with enchanting flavours of nature fill your nostrils.Onam is a basically a harvest festival  when nature is at its best.In Kerala there are   week long celebrations.This festival is celebrated with equal fervour by Hindus, Muslims and Christians.The famous boat races in  the back waters of Kerala  are also held at this time of the year.
There is a popular legend behind Onam celebrations. I am writing it for the benefit  of my   non-Keralite friends  and  relatives. The legend goes that Mahabali,a Demon king ruled Kerala.He was very kind and compassionate.His subjects loved him.  He had conquered all the three worlds.The skies, earth and under world.The Devas became jealous of the King's popularity and went to Bhagwan Vishnu and requested Him to curb the powers of the King lest he takes control of the Heavens.MahaVishnu took the form of Vaman (dwarf God)and went to the court of Mahabali.The  King welcomed him and enquired about the  purpose of His visit.Vishnu,who was in the guise of a poor Vamana,told him that he was s poor Brahmin and prayed for three steps of land, which would be sufficient for his needs.The King readily agreed to  give three steps of land to Vamana. The Vamana appeared in his real form as Lord Vishnu.He took two steps and took control of all the three worlds.He asked the King where should he keep the third  step. The King knew that it was Bhagwan Vishnu in the disguise of a poor Vamana.With folded hands he pleaded to the Lord to keep the third step on his head.As soon as the Lo4d kept the third step on the King's head, he was pushed to the the Pataal Lok(the underworld)The King's subjects  were dejected. They prayed to ten Lord to allow the King to visit his kingdom once a year.Their wish was granted. Every year  in the month of August/September King Mahabali visits his lost Kingdom.People welcome him  by decorating their houses and prepare sumptuous food as offering to their beloved King.This merriment goes on for ten days.
The feast(sadya) includes Sambar, Avial amid Irreseri
as essential dishes besides many more. I am writing a  recipe of one popular dish which is prepared in every house, Errisseri.
The ingredients required  are  1.Yam(jimikand) 2.Raw banana 3 Turmeric 4 Salt  5 Grated coconut  6 Jeera  7Green chillies  8 Curry leaves 10. mustard seeds.
First cut the yam and bananas into small cubes and boil them with salt and turmeric till done.
In a mixie grind about 3 tbsps coconut, jeera and green chillies and keep aside.
In a Karhai put a little oil. add mustard seeds. When they start spluttering add curry leaves.Mix in the boiled vegetables.Roast for a few minutes and add the ground coconut masala. Stir  for  some time. 
Take two more tsps of coconut, roast it and sprinkle in the vegetable Erresary is ready. I am sure every body will like it. HAPPY ONAM

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  1. Aunty, your blog reminds me of Mistress of Spices, where every chapter was preceded by a recipe pertinent to that chapter .... maybe you should have some such concept in the book you're writing too!