northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Winter months-Time for hot soups

Soup  is  universally known.Every one knows that  a bowl of soup taken before meals,  tickles our appetite. Besides being tasty there  are  many  benefits of drinking soups.It is invigorating, healthy,and is helpful in keeping away many diseases. Knowing my penchant for devising new recipes for the family ,my friends and relatives  keep on prodding me to provide new recipes for soups. Soups are the easiest  to make. One can use any vegetable or pulses to prepare delicious can also utilise leftovers to create a new recipe.Fruits added to soups not only add to the nutritious value but also enhances its taste.
 Among soups the more popular one is the tomato soup.There is no doubt that tomato soup is very healthy. Tomatoes contain 'lycopene' a nutrient ,which gives  red color to the tomato. and is also an anti-oxidant.

This recipe, therefore, is known to all soup lovers.Of course ,one can add a spoonful of Dal to make it richer in protein.Some vegetables and an apple can also be added for taste and extra nutrition. For garnishing, bread croutons can be used.(This is the hot favourite of old and young alike).
Some of the soups that are appreciated and enjoyed in our house are the  Almond soup ,Soya soup , and the  Pop corn soup.So, I decided to share it with all of you.
Steaming hot soup on a winter evening  God' Gift.
 1.Almond Soup (For 4 people)
: 1.Almonds One fistful
  2.Onions One big
 3.Butter or cooking oil  2tb.sp.
4. Milk 350  ml.
5.Salt To taste
6 Pepper  A pinch
7.All purpose flour 2 tb.sps.

Method:  Soak the almonds in warm water for  sometime and remove the skin.They should then be coarsely ground.Onion should cut very finely. In a pan take oil/butter and add the  finely cut onion.Stir the onion till translucent. Colour should not change.(It may take 1 or 2 mts.).Then add  flour and stir continuously for about two minutes. Now ad the almonds and the milk.Keep stirring continuously,ensuring that no lumps are formed.Boil on medium heat till the soup becomes thick Before removing from the fire,add salt and pepper..For garnishing  roast a few almonds,( about 5or 6)  shred them and add to the soup just before serving.

2.Soya soup(4 servings)
1.Potato medium size 1
2.Tomatoes  2
3.Soya Nutri Nugget granules 1 cup
4Salt to taste
5. Pepper powder  i tsp.
6.Corn flour   2 tbsp.
7.Butter or any other cooking oil   2 tbsp.
 8.Cardamom big  1
 9. Spring onions with fresh stem  4.
Method: boil soya granules and  potato with one cardamom till tender.Add salt. In a pan put finely chopped onions and stems and saute till softened.Add corn flour and stir for a couple of minutes.Add tomatoes and stir for a few minutes. Discard the cardamom.  Now take 3/4 of boiled soya and potato and add to pan. Stir for a while.Remove from the fire . Put this in a blender for a few minutes.In the smooth paste add the remaining 1/3 parts of boiled soya and potato liquid ( this will lend a crunchy taste to the soup)and boil till it becomes thick . Remove from the  fire and serve piping hot. Add a little butter to the soup.(this is optional) before serving.This soup is very nourishing. 
An apple or an orange can be added when boiling

   3.Pop corn soup:
i,Pop corns  2 1/2cups
ii. Tomatoes  2
iii. Potato  1(medium)
iv. Ginger  a small piece.
v.Basil(tulsi)leaves  2-3
vi.Spring onions 6
vii  Salt to taste
viii Water  2 1/2 cups
ix Milk 1/2 cup
Method; Boil all ingredients till tender. Blend  in a blender.Before serving boil it .Just before serving add butter.

All the above mentioned soups are delicious.I also make Chick pea soup, French onion soup and  mixed vegetable soup. Recipe can be provided on request.I have written all vegetarian  recipes. In my next post I propose to write Non vegetarian soup recipes. If some one tries out these recipes and give their feedback. I will feel encouraged.So here's wishing everybody happy 'souping'

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  1. Hi Buaji, These recipes look good. I will try the almond soup sometime soon. It sounds delicious. Can you please share the vegetable soup recipe. Also, do you have a good chicken soup recipe?