northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

From my kitchen diary vi

There is no exaggeration in naming  mango as the King of fruits. There are innumerable varieties of mangoes.It is believed that some mangoes are sweeter than Nectar.It is an exotic  fruit.The fragrance emanating  from the ripe mango is captivating  and seduces our senses.It is consumed throughout the world.The mango is cultivated in most countries, but the largest  production is in the  Indian sub continent..
   All parts of a mango tree are utilised  in our house holds. The leaves are considered auspicious and are used in  house warming ceremonies, marriages and religious  occasions.The wood  is useful for lighting in havans and other  holy fires.The mangoes can be eaten raw or fully ripe.Several mouth watering dishes are made  using mangoes as a main ingredient.I am sharing  a few recipes which are very popular and are equally  tasty. I hope  that my friends will like them.
1.   Mango Chutney
 a.Raw mangoes  250 gms
 b.Sugar       1/2 cup
 c. Water      3/4 cup
 d. Salt    As per taste
 e.Red pepper powder  1tsp.
 f.Lime juice       2 tb sp.
 g. Big cardamom  1 for flavour(optional)

Remove the skin of the mangoes and cut into  slices.Boil these slices in water on slow  flame till the slices are tender.(Add the cardamom if you like its strong flavour.) Now add sugar, salt and pepper powder  and stir till it looks like jam. Add lime juice when it cools down.Keep the chutney in  an air tight  bottle.This tastes good.
 2 Mango curry
1. Ripe Mangoes  4
2.Curd  2 cups
3 Besan (Gram powder)  2 Tb sp
4.Cumin seeds    1 Tsp
5.Asafoetida  a small pinch.
6.Green Chillies   2-3
7 Salt        as per taste
8.Cooking Oil      3 tb sps
9 Onion. One medium size
10.Turmeric powder  1/4 tsp
11.Red chilli powder  One tsp
12.Tomatoes   2 
Remove skin and  slice the ripe mangoes in medium size pieces. Keep covered  aside. Take the curd, add besan, turmeric powder and 1/4 cup water and blend it in a  blender. Place a heavy bottomed vessal on the fire. Add cumin seeds, asafoetida powder and finely chopped onions..Stir till the onions are pink in colour.Now add the diluted curd.Add another  two cups of water.When the water starts boiling,lower the flame and boil for another 2-3 minutes.Now add  salt,chilli powder and  mango slices.Let it simmer till the mango slices mingle with the gravy.Before serving,decorate the curry with sliced tomatoes and green chillies.The yellow curry  with red and  green toppings looks very attractive.The sweet,sour and tangy taste excites the palate.It goes very  well with rice.
 The mangoes are excellent for making a shake  with milk( milk shake) as well as curd( Lassi).
Before I close,a  quick Mango  Sauce recipe is given below.It is delicious and is made  when you have time constraint.
Method for making mango sauce;
Take two ripe mangoes, one banana,one lemon , two tbsps of honey and 3-4 spoons of milk.Put them in a blender  and make a smooth sauce.Chill it in the refrigerator.This can be served with cakes and ice cream. It is a hit with children.
 More exiting mango recipes will follow shortly. Enjoy!!


  1. Kya faiyada?
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  2. Lots of cool recipes. Will try them out. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Lots of cool recipes. Will try them out. Thank you for sharing.