northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 10 June 2012

welcome rain

'Rain, rain go away, little Jhonny wants to play.'This is a nursery rhyme we learnt in school. Well this is only a rhyme. In real life rain is always welcome.After the dust storms and  scorching heat every body pines for a whiff of  cool breeze  and showers  which  lift one's mood and inspires you to dance in gay abandon.Fauna and flora , birds and animals  all soaked in the drizzle  seem to enjoy upto the hilt.After the dreary afternoon and gloomy evenings of summers,the little rain drops that  gently fall on us   make us ecstatic. The first shower of the season is 
seductive and is heartily welcomed.The soothing fragrance of mud, the damp grass  and little puddles formed around you instantly raise your  spirit and  soul.
  I remenber that as children while walking outside on a rainy day we  enjoyed  splashing  our legs in a pool of water and getting completely drenched.Now when I see my children and grand children  dancing out in the rain and getting soaked in the rain.I become nostalgic.Though I protest, arguing that they will catch cold(grand parents are over protective) I dont mind their indulgence!!  Rains  cheer up their drooping spirits and seem  to quench  their thirst for fun.
  We find nature in its best form.The sight of  plants and trees merrily  swaying in the cool breeze in gay abandon is exhilataring. The sun baked leaves seem to have aquired a new attire.Seeing nature in its glory  is a sight that engulfs  the whole being of the spectators in utter delight. Nature seems to be at its best.
       Film makers  depict rain as symbol of romance. The  hero and the heroine, soaked in rain water, hand in hand singing 'Pyar hua ikraar hua'(Nargis and Raj Kapoor in Shri 420) and Kishore Kumar  singing 'Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si'and a mutitude of rain/romance songs have won the hearts of the viewers. A scene in many movies show the love birds seething in sorrow when they are separated.The rains  touch the cord of their hearts and they burst into sad songs.Remember the song'Saawan ke badlon unse yeh ja kaho, taqdir mein yahi tha saajan mere naa roh'.
  Rainy evenings tend to tick  our palate. We yearn  for  hot, hot pakoras and pipng hot tea or coffee. I am  giving some useful tips for preparing these items.Even though every home prepares these mouth watering  dishes,a little  special  touch will go a long way in enhancing their taste.
                                Tips for making pakoras
a.The  paste for pakoras must be prepared  at least10 minutes in advance.
b.Add a little rice powder to  the paste. It  makes the pakoras crispier.
c.The oil for frying should not be over heated
d. The pakoras must be served hot. Reheating destroys the  taste and crispiness
                                 Tips for preparing coffee
 a It is ideal to use fresh coffee beans.
 b.For preparing instant coffee the ratio of milk and water  should be according to an individual's taste.Same proportion should not be used for every one.
c.The water used for coffee should be filtered.
d.Coffee must be served piping hot.
                               Tips for preparing tea
a.Water should be fresh 
b.Milk and water must be boiled separately.
c.Sugar must be served seperately.
d.Tea leaves should not be boiled
 Though the first showers of  rains are welcome, they become destructive if they last for long periods. Floods and certain diseases  are associated with rains.This proves the maxim that every thing in excess is bad.

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  1. Beautifulyy written peice.
    But,Pakoras intersts me the most here.