northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

From my kitchen diary 17

To day  I intend to make sandwiches ,which I  had taken  yesterday,The sandwiches were so yummy that I HAVE to share the recipe with friends. The sandwiches were made by my  talented grand daughter, Ramita. Once I had made Sandwiches,  and she had  named   them Dadi special sandwiches.. Today in appreciation, I am naming these as Rom's Special  Surprise.


1.Breadslices  8

 2   Cheese spread  4 tbsps.

3.   Capsicum       1    (cut into small pieces and squeezed)

4.  Tomato     1 medium size (cut intosmall pieces  and squeezed)

 5. Corn        1 tbsp

6.  Olives       4  (crushed)

7. Tomato Ketchup 1 tbsp

8.  Oregano  1 pinch

9   Salt  as per taste

10   Pepper  1/4 tsp

11  Basil leaves  2

12. Butter  1 tsp


The sandwiches can be grilled or  taken as simple  sandwiches.If you want them simple, you may cut the sides of the slices  otherwise the slices may be taken  as they are.

In a  bowl  put the ingredients (s. no.1 to  s .no 11).Make a paste by mixing  lightly. On one side of a bread put very little butter and the other side spread the paste evenly.  Press lightly. Cut them in any shape you like  or  keep them for grilling, till they are brown and crisp. Enjoy.








  1. Sounds interesting! This indeed is a special sandwich! :)

    1. Thanks Shilpa. It is really delicious. You must prepare it.